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Author DC Grace  

April) DC Grace how pleased are you to have met Dade and Shelby? 

DC Grace) Tryamon actually gave me the idea. I found her picture in a deck of faery tarot cards, and she wouldn't stop screaming in my head. It didn't take long to know it was a story that had to be told. :)

April) Dade Blue-Therror and Shelby Mercy what made you decide to invite Dawn to write your stories?

Dade Blue-Therror and Shelby Mercy) Dade: Aunt Tryamon can be quite persuasive that way.
Shelby: *snorts* Persuasive. That's one way to describe her.
Dade: *casting a sideways glance at Shelby* Truly, we couldn't be more pleased that Miss Grace has immortalized us within the Amethyst Dragon series. She has allowed us to live and mature within the confines of her imagination, which is why we knew she simply had to tell our story.

April) So then your all pleased for Aunt Tryamon for umm making you all listen :D So for my next question.  DC Grace do you find yourself laughing, crying or have any other emotions while writing your scenes that are linked with Dade and Shelby's emotions? 

 DC Grace) I feel every emotion the characters feel when I'm writing. I laugh, cry, hell, I even find myself raising my eyebrow when they do! But I think part of good story-telling is getting inside your characters' skin.

April) I have to agree, feeling the emotions of those you write about is vital, now for Dade and Shelby. Do you ever have to tell Dawn to behave when she's writing down your story?

Dade Blue-Therror and Shelby Mercy) Shelby: I try to tell her not to put some of my more embarrassing moments, but she never seems to listen. Southern women are stubborn that way.

Dade: *grinning* Tell me about it. 

Shelby: *quirks an eyebrow and stares Dade down*

April) *stifling a grin, and hiding a laugh behind a cough, I quickly turn to DC* DC Grace how long have you been writing for and what do you find helps you get into your writing zone?

DC Grace) I've been writing since I was very little. The first person to encourage me was my second grade teacher (shout out to Mrs. Gardner). I started professionally about five years ago.

Music always helps me get in the zone. That's why all my books have a playlist. You can listen to what was inspiring me as I wrote. :)

April) Music is important to me too. I find myself getting into the zone :D *turning to Dade and Shelby* So Dade and Shelby do you ever want to play pranks on Dawn when she's writing your story, and if so what kind?

Dade Blue-Therror and Shelby Mercy) Shelby: My personal favorite prank to play on DC is a little thing I like to call Hide the Dialogue! *laughs*

Dade: Personally, I try not to make her job harder. Leo, however, was quite the prankster.

April) *Bursting out laughing and shaking my head, I give DC a (I hope) a poor you look. (Granted it’s probably ruined by me laughing)* DC Grace have you had any job that you find helps give you knowledge on certain aspects of writing your stories? 

DC Grace) Yes - being a mom. My daughters range in age from 12 to 21, so I get that inside peek at the inner workings of teen and young adult minds of today. Some of my best lines come from listening to the conversations in my house!

April) *Grinning at DC, I have to acknowledge, that is definitely the best insight there is.* DC Grace what was the push that started you on your writing path?

DC Grace) Finding myself a single mother, struggling in a dead end job. I wanted to do better for myself and my kids. It was a risk, of course, but I needed to at least try to pursue my dreams, if for nothing else than to be an example for my daughters.

April) DC, I think you have definitely achieved that goal. I’m sure they realize that you can you’re your dreams, if you only choose to go after them. Now Dade and Shelby, if there is anything you could change what would it be?

Dade Blue-Therror and Shelby Mercy) Shelby: Wow, that's a loaded question! As much as there are things I wish were different-

Dade: *cuts Shelby off* Should we be giving too much away?

Shelby: True. Maybe we should let everyone wait for Faery Rings and find out for themselves. *winks*

April) Huh, you do realize I’m terribly curious don’t you. Okay guys I’ll let you off for now but you and me we’ll have a chat after the interview. So DC Grace since Dade and Shelby are being very silent *quick mock glare in their direction, ruined by them grinning mischievously back at me* on average how many books do you write a year?

DC Grace) Between one and two. I'm kind of a perfectionist, even in draft stage, and have a hard time letting it go to my editor, hahaha!

April) *smiling at Dc* two books a year is seriously good going though. So onto my next question, DC Grace what hobbies do you enjoy outside of your writing and do any of them give you inspiration on your stories?

DC Grace) Obviously I love to read. I also enjoy music, movies, karaoke and cooking. I don't know how much they influence my writing per say, but any time you see Shelby singing out loud, that's me in karaoke mode! ;)

April) Hahah at least your having fun :D So Dade and Shelby similar question for you guys, what do you enjoy doing outside of telling DC Grace your story, that she doesn't know about? I can keep a secret and I'm sure anyone reading this blog can too :D

Dade Blue-Therror and Shelby Mercy) Shelby: *grinning wickedly* If you've read the books, it should be fairly obvious what Dade's hobby is.

Dade: *facepalm* I can't believe you said that...
Shelby: Hahaha!

April) *laughing at Dade and Shelby and noticing Shelby didn’t say what she likes to do) I turn back to DC. Okay DC Grace do you find it hard writing some of the scenes mainly because of being supernatural?

DC Grace) Sometimes, but not as often as you might think. I've studied up quite extensively on my myths and legends. And Dade and the rest of the characters put on a pretty good show in my head.

April) That’s good, so Dade and Shelby is there any part in your stories did you find hard telling DC Grace about?

Dade Blue-Therror and Shelby Mercy) Dade: Sometimes I have a hard time admitting my insecurities.

*Tryamon sticks her head in the door*
Tryamon: I have no trouble sharing. My life is an open book.
Shelby: *snorts* Your life is an open blouse.
*Tryamon glares at Shelby and leaves the room*

April) *bursting out laughing, I shake my head and give Dade a sympathetic look, then turn back to DC Grace, so have you started writing another book yet and if so what are you writing?

DC Grace) Yes, actually. I've started... wait for it... three! I'm finishing the third book in The Guardians, and have started an adult paranormal called Backroom Bourbon Street. Last but not least, I have started the first book in the follow-up series to The Amethyst Dragon, The Legacy Chronicles.

April) Ooooh nice you’ll have to tell me more about them. :D So Dade and Shelby, are you planning on telling DC Grace any more of your adventures?

Dade Blue-Therror and Shelby Mercy) Dade: Yes, but we are taking a bit of a backseat to our sprouts. It is their turn. We will still be a part of it, though.

April) Glad to hear it, that we’ll still be hearing about your tales even if it is in a backseat way, not  that, okay, okay, you know what I mean *turning slightly red, I turn towards DC Grace, while Dade and Shelby laugh at me*  what made you decide to write supernatural fiction and do you write any other types of novels.

DC Grace) Paranormal Fantasy has always been my cup of tea. I wrote my first vampire story when I was nine, hahaha! Those stories just come more naturally to me. I would like to write the next great pastoral classic one day, though - something along the lines of Wuthering Heights. Time will tell... :)

April) Sounds good. I also have a thing for Paranormal Fantasy.

Now as promised, here are the details about The Legacy Chronicles and Backroom Bourbon Street.

Love The Amethyst Dragon and hate to see the story end? Good news! The story will continue in The Legacy Chronicles, the new, four book follow-up series!

The series follows Clover & Meglio, Dade & Shelby's twins. Now teenagers, the next heirs to the Seelie and Glamorgan territories experience growing pains of their own, as they follow in Dade Blue-Therror's footsteps.
Fall back in love with your favorite Amethyst Dragon characters, and meet some new ones, too in book one, Legend of the Maiden Warrior, coming November, 2014.

Backroom Bourbon Street

This stand-alone book is DC Grace's first foray into adult paranormal fantasy. Welcome to New Orleans, where the spirit world reigns supreme and the legend of Madame Laveau is whispered only in hushed tones after dark. Mason Prudhomme knows that legend well, for he has lived under her curse for centuries... as a zombie.
This is anything but your typical, date night zombie thriller. Harken back to old world voodoo and Haitian witchdoctors, where modern legend got its roots: in reality.
Doomed to wander the darkened streets of the French Quarter, can Mason find a descendant of Marie Laveau to break the curse? Find out in January, 2015

April) Sounds brilliant, I can’t wait for them to be finished.

Thank you so much DC Grace, Dade Blue-Therror and Shelby Mercy for doing this interview. And finally DC Grace can you add in all your books and all your links too please :D


Whew! Okay, my Amazon page is being updated by my publisher, so Lydia said to direct everyone to the series website. Links are listed below, as are my books...

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And both series can be found on Facebook! :)
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