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April) What gives you ideas for your novels?

Christine Elaine) I like to write historical romance and my ideas come from the time periods I enjoy reading the most. It occurred to me that a romance set in Rome with a good plot and a few lively secondary characters was difficult to find. Before long Maximus took shape and after I finished his story the details for Taurus entered my head. 

April) I do love history, and I’m glad Maximus got the ball rolling for you :D My next question for you is:        

Do you find yourself laughing, crying or have any other emotions while writing your scenes that are linked with your characters emotions?


Christine Elaine) I live every moment of my book along with my characters. I don't get too depressed or upset when I'm writing the conflicts they face, mainly because I have an idea of how and where they will triumph over their obstacles. One thing I like is to write about the antagonist and give a few details about them and perhaps reveal why they are so disruptive to the hero/heroine. It gives more depth to the emotional turmoil of the book. It's also important to me to add a dash of humour in the story as well as the angst.


April) I have to admit I do love some humour in stories, I always think it gives more life to the characters. So my next question to you is:   

How long have you been writing for, and what got you started?


Christine Elaine) I've been seriously writing novels for five or six years. By that I mean I've focused on creating a complete story suitable for publication. My daughter influenced my interest and I began writing a story for her, which is still to be published one day, but I ventured into historical fiction with a strong romantic element as that's where I feel comfortable.    


April) It is important to write what you feel comfortable about and have a passion for. On that note my next question to you is:

What do you find helps you get into your writing zone?


Christine Elaine) I get in the writing zone at night when its quiet in the house with no interruptions.  


April) I totally understand, once interrupted then I find it hard to get back into my zone. So on that note my next question for you is:

On average how many books do you write a year?


Christine Elaine) I've written quite a number of novels and after deciding to publish it became necessary to write less and edit more. So far I've published five since November 2012, with a sixth one due out this summer. Exact date to be determined but I'm just about to reveal the cover. It's part of my Tudor Rose novella series, titled A Rose for Richmond


 April) Oooh nice, I can’t wait to see the cover, and you’ll have to keep us updated on when A Rose for Richmond is due. Now for my next question:

 What hobbies do you enjoy outside of your writing and do any of them give you inspiration on your stories?

Christine Elaine) Outside of writing I enjoy family time and sharing in their interests. I love music and humour, and having friends over. I host theme parties a few times a year. It's a lot of fun.


April) It sounds like fun and great inspiration too. Now onto my next question:

Do you find it hard writing some of the scenes, mainly because of being historical based?


Christine Elaine) I like to write light historicals, and not bog the reader with too many dates, places and long titles etc. Although I enjoy reading some that are loaded with detail but not all the time. Mine are plot and character driven with a backdrop of history. For instance, while writing about ancient Rome I don't describe much scenery because most of us can picture the time and place but it's the sense of the people I try to capture. 


April) Good way of doing it, I know when I read historical my mind does take me there. So my next question to you is:

Have you started writing another book yet and if so what are you writing?


Christine Elaine) I have a few books on the go but sometimes the path I intend to take shoots off in a different direction. I didn't plan to write A Rose for Richmond because I had another Tudor story in mind but this one worked it's way to the front of the line and insisted on my attention. (Crazy writing world!)


April) It is isn’t it, but I think that’s half what I love about writing. Okay and now for my final question for you:

Do you write any modern day novels?

Christine) I have written a contemporary novel which I hope to publish later this year or early next year. It's a romance set in the New York crime world where not everything is at it seems..... stay tuned. It's finished but needs the final edits and a snappy cover.

April) Wonderful, I can’t wait to read it :D You’ll have to keep me posted on your new books. I’d just like to say thank you so much for taking the time out to answer my questions, you are fantastic :D


Christine Elaine) April, thanks so much for hosting me on your blog/website and asking me such fun interview questions.

I'd like to invite you and all your readers to drop by my blog, Facebook, twitter and Goodreads pages to say hello and check out my books.


April) Christine Elaine you’re more than welcome and I had fun interviewing you. And finally can you please list you're books here so people can see what you've written and add your Amazon author page so they can buy them and all your links so everyone can keep up to date with what you’re doing too :D


Christine Elaine) Here are all my links:



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