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April) What gives you ideas for your novels?

Lori) Oh, anything from dreams, reading or watching the news.

April) I do love when an idea comes from an unexpected place :D   So my next question to you is:         Do you find yourself laughing, crying or have any other emotions while writing your scenes that are linked with your characters emotions?

Lori) Of course, if I can't feel anything about my story and what the characters are going through, how will my readers? I like to play music while writing and that always helps bring out the emotions as well.

April) I understand that completely and also play music when I’m writing too :D   On that note for my next question:   How long have you been writing for?

Lori) Two years now.

April) That’s cool, almost a blink from starting to now.  So for my next question:         What do you find helps you get into your writing zone?

Lori) I guess discipline. I have to do it a certain time every day with no distractions.

April) That is seriously disciplined. But makes perfect sense too :D So for my next question to you:        Have you had any job that you find helps give you knowledge on certain aspects of writing your stories?

Lori) Yes, I graduated college with a degree in Psychology and have worked with families and adolescents with drug addiction/alcohol abuse and emotional issues. This is where a lot came in handy with the writing of Copyright A Novel.

April) Wow, yeah I can see where that knowledge came into play, in the writing of Copyright A Novel. So onto my next question:         What was the push that started you on your writing path?

Lori) My first editor Claire Elizabeth Terry, who I met on Facebook. She's a woman you don't say no to :-)

April) So cool that she found you and I’m glad that she did. For my next question to you:        On average how many books or other writings do you write a year?

Lori) Just one, if I'm lucky.

April) I’m the same, and so are other authors too :D For my next question to you:     What hobbies do you enjoy outside of your writing and do any of them give you inspiration on your stories?

Lori) READING. I did a lot of reading growing up. But ever since I started writing books, I devour reading others. They inspire me and make me want to become a better writer.

April) Oh I completely understand and relate to that too :D Now for my next question:        Did you find it hard writing some of the scenes mainly because of the emotional aspects?

 Lori) At times, anyone who says there isn't a little bit of themselves in each of their character is lying.

April) True, mainly because as authors were putting so much of ourselves into our writing I suppose. For my next question to you:             Have you started writing another book yet and if so what are you writing?

 Lori) I've tried twice recently and both of them fizzled out. I do have another idea brewing based on a recent news event here in the states and I think this might be the one. It will be very dark, gritty and raw. The main character will be a therapist and the reader will follower her down her path of trying to help troubled teenagers (again based on my work experience).

 April) Oooh, sounds good, can’t wait for you to finish it so I can read it :D   Now for my final question to you:        What made you decide to write Copyright A Novel and what other types of writing do you do?

Lori) A friend on twitter gives away her books for free and only asks that people donate money if they like them. Me being the paranoid person that I am, thought, what if someone stole the book and claimed it as their own? What if this was published well-known author instead? This made Copyright emerge.

I also dabble in screenplays and even published one based on my novella.

 April) Wow, well I’m glad you’re paranoid, because personally I loved Copyright A Novel. I must check out your screenplays too. On that note I would like to thank you for allowing me the pleasure to interview you Lori. And finally please list you're books here so people can see what you've written and add your Amazon author page so they can buy them :D

My author page on Amazon:

Copyright A Novel : Copyright A Novel

Our Daughters : Our Daughters

Diamond City A Screenplay: Diamond City: A Screenplay





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