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By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

As a child I had dreams that have stuck to me to this day.  Some seemed very real, some very strange, scary.  I never forgot them.  Some dreams are from things happening to scare me as a little girl. 

Not long ago, a mystery was solved for me.  I always thought about a very real dream I had since I was a child.

I would wake up at night looking up.  I would see the moon shining so beautifully.  It was white, full.  In the sky all around were millions of stars shimmering, twinkling.

I looked all around me on the bed, I could see all my cousins asleep on the beds, I was in one of them.  I spent the night with them... I was the only one who was awake.  I knew this to be a dream...

As I got older, I never forgot this dream.  It was one of the most vivid dreams from my childhood.  The moon, the sky, stars.... they were so real.

Not so long ago, we stopped by a yard sale.  My attention was attracted to a big, beautiful wicker piece with intricate work.  It has shelves on it, the unit was white.

I paid for the piece, Skip and I took it to the pickup.  Some people came by, complimenting the wicker piece I'd just gotten for a deal.  One of them stopped to talk, we'd known each other always. 

He began talking about the time when they slept under the moon, stars!  I began questioning him, I found out that my dream was real!  We really did sleep outside!  I was so amazed, I stood there with my mouth ... opened.

They were building bedrooms onto the house, it was warm outside so, the children were allowed to sleep on the beds under the sky!  Mystery was solved in my mind.... I knew that dream always seemed so real. 

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