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I facilitate a series of writing workshops sponsored by The Palm Beach County Library System, and at no charge. I will more then happy to provide the syllabus material, along with the notes, to anyone who would be interested in conducting similar programs.

There are three separate series that I have available, each designed to meet once a month for a two hour session. The Developmental Series is configured over a 12 month period, with the Intermediate and Advanced Programs at 9 months each.

The Developmental Workshop Series runs along the line of what one would expect, concentrating on the components of prose writing: Person, Pacing, Point of View, Voice, Tone, Pitch, Linking, Punctuation, Idioms, and the treatment of Adverbs and Adjectives in today's environment. The later workshops in this series delve into Characterization, Dialogue, Exposition, Mood, Form and Structure, and the effective use of Simile and Metaphor.

The Intermediate Series, which I happen to be conducting presently, is structured around a reading program in which classical literature is used as the template. Individual sessions include a study of Story Threads and Plot Layering, Advanced Pacing Elements, Theme Development Techniques, Dialogue Cant, Paragraph Style, Chapter Patterning, Punctuation Subtleties, and other issues that enabled the novels in the syllabus to attain classic status.

The Advance Workshop Series concentrates on elements of Linking and Transition, Tone and Voice, Composition and Clarity, and Revision and Professional Editing. Additional themes include Redemptive Character Development, Chapter Structuring, and Plotting Techniques. Effective Query letter Writing is a major component of the latter sessions.

Should offering a writer's workshop in your community be of interest to any of you, please contact me at, and I will be delighted to E-mail the syllabuses and notes to you.

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