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A great and holy learning month for all Muslims adulteries to be corrected & developed their personality and moral characters.

Significantly it has two dimensional conducive nesses by scientific and spiritual contributions for all fasting practitioners.

Initial and prime objective of this holy month is to be cleaned and transparences innate souls all black spots and devils wishes by beautifying body and minds of the followers.

Afterward the mitigation of bodily fatigues and internal corrosions to be reclaimed all efficiencies as turgid and tenders.

Although primarily it has two objectives briefly but functionally the holy Ramadan has its enormous usefulness of diverse.

To form and reforms all followers deviated moral characters to be centralized their previous and initial centers.

Because each and every human individuals make many mistakes and sins in their daily earthly live activities known and unknowingly to achieve their money and powers.

By nature, no one is perfect in this earth in their moral characters in turn they will make many mistakes and sins by their willing and situational obligations by any imposers.

That’s why this is the month of penitent and apologizing to the almighty to be corrected and committed honestly to abstain from all following sins and unlawful activities ever occurs.

Another vital learning should be received from this holy month is to be a man of endurance and patience to control all angers and grudges that are very detrimental for self and others.

Ramadan practice converted a man to be compassionate to all poor’s, distress, helpless also beggars.

To stronger ones moral courage (Elman) Ramadan is the best rituals practice for all Muslims to be remaining from all corruptions and dishonesty doing toward any humanly matters.

Fasting from the dead night to breaking time not for only to showing fasting others rather restricted to feel  others pains of starvation, feelings of poverty, and brutal live subsistence of some ones or neighbors’.

Seeing is a believing with real feelings is the central message of Holy Ramadan entitled by Almighty for all Muslims learners.

Gone through fasting for all the month of holy Ramadan without learning any good humanly dictations by religion Islam is nothing but deceiving players.

However, in order to correct and develop all spiritual human concerns it has enormous usefulness that is very difficult to express in words.

Regarding all health and biological matters the holy Ramadan is the best human Tonic to be lived longer lives with a good health until expires.

Ramadan teaches all disciplined healthy activities for all human beings to have their timely eating habit and prayers.

To keep body and minds turgid and tenders forever, a wholly disciplined live is essential to be healthier betters.

In fact, Ramadan is a best motivator to motivate all followers to be committed honestly for Mankind’s coexist and kindly favors.

Also should be committed to lead an honest and dictated life by Islam for all Muslims followers to be made this global earth an exquisite beautiful and peaceful Worlds.

So, be an honest and real Muslims not only in your words but also to your practical behaviors.




(This writing is written in order to dedicate for my dearly loving youngest brother (Kamruzzan Sarder) who is very dedicated and honest in all religious rituals. Although I don’t know enough about our Religion Islam but in spite of my existing poor knowledge of Islam I write this writing to make him happier. Besides, If I made any mistakes in my this writing unknowingly, I apologize to you all honestly)























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