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Slowly, Alison stepped out the warehouse, a tattered piece of cloth hanging from her left hand. She sat the sunglasses slowly on her soaked head, it was soaked in blood, obviously. It gave off a dark red shine that seemed a bit too sticky to be dye. Sighing, she closed her eyes, becoming invisible to the human eye.
“This stuff just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?” Alison stated, walking towards the small apartment the operation had let her have.
It was a tiny little apartment, ideal for only one 16 year old to be living in. You ask yourself, why not go with your parent, Alison? Simple, and also, why she’s on this case; Cody Miller murdered both her parents the day he escaped. They were both being manipulated by his incredible body manipulation power…
“I swear, Cody Miller,” she said slamming the door shut behind her, “When I find you I’m gonna absorb that freaking power and kill you with it,” she sighed, “Besides you’re probably incredibly ugly, not to mention stupid, and-”
“Lt. Gray.”
Alison jumped at the voice that came from the tiny kitchen in her apartment. She turned her head around the corner and growled.
“Simons! What the heck?! You can’t just pop into my house like that!” she said walking over to him.
“Sorry,” Simons said, handing her a folder, “We got recent pictures of Miller, he seems to be popular among girls, so I’d try a few high schools around here…”
“Womanizer…” she said rolling her eyes, “I bet he has some weird tric-” she stopped, “Oh, he’s not ugly at all…”
“You’re not to think of him as ‘cute’ or ‘hot’ or even ‘alright’ Lt. Gray.”
“You know, you can call me by my name…”
“The point is that you have to hunt him down and finish him off, Gray.”
“Again I repeat,” she stated, grabbing a popsicle from her freezer, “I have a name.”
He walked towards the door casually, as if visiting an old friend, “Oh, and Lt. Gray,” he spun on his heel, “I expect you to do this right.”
Alison flicked her finger irritably, launching him out the door right before slamming it shut, “I have a name, stupid.”

Cody walked calmly through the immense crowd of people, as if he knew no one would find him. The two children, whom he called children even though they were only a year younger than him, walked beside him. Kyle walked feeling a bit guilty, yet having some kind of adrenaline rush from the extra power he’d just absorbed, while, on the other hand, Haley walked quickly, desperate to get away from this guy.
She didn’t understand how Cody could just see someone be cut open entirely like that, and then know you did it. She didn’t even know why Kyle felt so happy when he absorbed the powers, yet he feels partially guilty now, even with that odd look of content on his face when he killed Richard.
“We’re almost to my home, calm down children,” he said, turning suddenly into a deep, dense forest.
Kyle followed as if nothing could hurt him, oh, wait…
“Why are you calling me a child, I’m only a year younger than you,” Kyle said, hands in his pockets.
“I call you children because of the fact you are younger than me, if you are younger than me, I shall consider you a child, if you are older and respectful, I shall consider you as ‘Sir’ or ‘Miss’, but you are not older than me, are you, Kyle?”
Kyle rolled his eyes, “Ok, ok, calm down it was just a question…”
Haley walked behind them, wondering how it was that Kyle could talk so freely and openly to this person… “Why do you kill?” she asked, the words coming out her mouth without her even thinking.
She put her hand over her mouth right before he stopped short and made a ‘come here’ sign with his finger. Unwillingly, she walked over to him, clenching her teeth and cursing at herself about how stupid she’d been.
“I-I’m sorry, it was just a question…” she mumbled, looking over at Kyle, who just stared emotionlessly, hands in his pockets, you’d think her twin would try to help her in this situation.
“No,” he said, eyes narrowed, “I think it was a very intelligent question, dear Haley,” he smiled, “You should know my past if you are to be traveling with me, no?”
Kyle nodded, “Yup.”
Cody smiled, letting go of his control over Haley and pointing over at a tree for them to sit by, “Sit.”
Haley sat down immediately, while Kyle took his time, as usual. Kyle was never the type of person to ‘speed’ things up. He’d always been the slower kind, even before all this. Once he was down and comfortable, Cody started.
“When I was little,” he explained, “My mother died. My father had gone bizzerk by then, because of the fact that he couldn’t care for a two year old alone. See, my grandparents on every side of my family had died already, and my parents didn’t have brothers or sisters. You might ask now, why was he so stressed about this? I’ll tell you, he was a marine, and went away quite often. He and I didn’t have a very strong relationship, if you ask me, he was usually out at work, training, leaving me in a small kindergarden class, even though I was too young to be in one. Later on, he was sent into the war, remember the recent war that was stopped, it was with a country in China, I’m not sure which one, he was sent over there, and barely got out alive.
I was left to be cared for by my father’s friend, who was a drunk, usually on the streets, leaving his wife with the brute children, and, now, me. My father came back with a plastic leg four years later, he’d been sent back because of the injury, which I wish was at least a bit less serious. Anyhow, at that time, I was six, and had a series of cuts and bruises from the two little devils that hid in my room at night and told me to give them my lunch money, even if I was not at school.
At six was the age I’d discovered my powers, God, how I remember that night, it was the night before my father had come home, I’d made one of those brute kids jump off the second floor and break their leg…I remember how happy I’d been now that my threats were gone, since, after that, the other boy didn’t dare come near me. Their mother did not, at any time, suspect me, the boy who’d been ‘asleep’ while this happened, of being the culprit. But then my father came, took me home, I’d been with him for three years…three years until that night, he’d come back drunk…”
Cody growled. Haley was listening intently, and, surprisingly, so was Kyle. This was not a normal reaction from her twin, he usually didn’t care one bit…
“And he hit me in the head with that bottle, that glass bottle, it hurt so much… So I got infuriated, that’s when I discovered the second power, my speed of light attacking skills. I remember I’d screamed, and there was suddenly a flash that came from me, I remember the wind in my face, and then the blood everywhere… Yet I was in the same position as before. It felt good and bad, but killing is a bad thing, especially when you think it’s for a good reason. So, a year later, at ten, I went on a killing spree, killing everyone that was in my way, I had, and still have, a goal to reach.
And those other three years…I’d been killing, for fun, the people whom bothered me, whom threatened and tried to control me. They’ve all ended up dead, not only from the hate I had for my father, that has stuck inside me and given me supreme impatience, but also for the hate of humans, I want them all to die already, they only make this world worst. And yes, I am human, but I am the kind that realizes what we do and try to prevent it, if you’ve noticed, I have a pattern in my killings, they’re all either big factory workers, or extremely important people that aren’t making a difference, yet they are making this world worst…”
Kyle nodded, “So you’re a serial killer?”
“Yes…I kill the people I see as not worthy in this world, don’t you notice all the humans without powers that don’t do anything? Can’t you tell when someone has an ability or not? The TV, the News, when you see, ‘Sudden and Surprising Growth of Vegetables in the Dry State’ doesn’t that give you an inevitable hint? It’s them who help everyone, not others…not the people who walk these streets everyday, but the people hiding, in fear that a government agency will soon come for them…I am here to eliminate all those people, and you two,” he grinned, “Are going to help me.”
Kyle raised his hand, “What’s your point?”
Cody smiled, “You’re a bold young child, Kyle, but I see your goal…”
“My goal?” Kyle pointed at himself confused.
“Yes,” Cody grinned, wolf-like teeth revealed once more, “Anyhow, the point is, I have a theory, and you two shall help me establish it.”

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Comment by Kay Elizabeth on December 4, 2009 at 7:59pm
This is interesting Alexandra. How does your ten year old overpower and kill an adult then or do the readers just suspend disbelief and trust that it happened without expecting too many details? I was wondering if you detailed that further on. Bizzerk should be berserk.
Comment by Alex Davis on December 4, 2009 at 9:02pm
Thanks Im not a good speller :D
Cody is 16 now :)
But, yeah, I was actually going to explain more about how he controls people in chapter 3 or 4


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