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A silent step started the noise.
“Lt. Grey, do you copy?” the walkie talkie voice sounded static and hoarse.
A slim hand reached down to the walkie talkie, it’d been three years since the Miller incident, and now they’d finally found someone that could handle Miller alone, “Copy an’ read, ain’t that what they say?” the feminine voice was smooth, but challenging. Gentle, but ruthless.
“Good, now-”
“Sorry, grandpa,” the voice said, “I told you when I joined, I don’t take no orders.”
The walkie talkie smashed to the ground, crackling in little pieces, a one million dollar piece of equipment destroyed so easily by this girl, only aged 16. There was only one explanation, for the only thing to track and catch Miller, for this sudden explosion of the supposedly indestructible device of such expensive cost.
“Weak piece of junk,” she said rolling her eyes.
Suddenly, her eyes turned red, her head turned slowly, scanning the clearing thoroughly. With a slight sigh, she closed her eyes, flipping her light brown pony tail, she opened her eyes once more to reveal a deep brown color. She straightened her brown trench coat once more before heading in the direction of the abandoned warehouse where they used to keep little Cody Miller.
She nodded to herself, putting on the black sunglasses that sat upon her head. Slowly, with strong, versatile steps, she went inside the warehouse. Cody Miller had already escaped from the warehouse long ago, there was no doubt in that, but they needed someone to reenter the building, finding something that might lead to Cody Miller’s whereabouts. It was obvious he was still killing, but only a few people in the improved operation called the ‘CMC’ knew what Cody Miller’s real weapon was.
She looked up, blood. All over, the walls, the floor, even the roof.
“Alison Gray!” she yelled her name, “Alison Gray, CMC, don’t worry, anyone in here?”
Not one sound. No one had gone inside the building, in fear that there might’ve been small, but dangerous, traps by Cody. No one knew what was inside. Alison stepped forward, a single step, and suddenly, there was a parade of bullets flying into her arms and legs and such. She let them hit her, and, frequently, winced at the bullets, but did nothing and remained standing. The bullets suddenly stopped, the triggered guns were out of ammo.
A man stepped from behind the cell as Alison fell thumping to the ground, “They sent a little girl for this?” he spat, “They’re insane.”
Ten others came out from hiding, all ammo had been used, all predators had been killed…right?
“Incinerator?” one woman asked suddenly, knowing the answer.
The man looked up at the girl, a large scar crossing his cheek and eye, “Miller wouldn’t accept anything else.”
They nodded and all went to pick up the body, realizing it wasn’t there anymore. All of them looked up to a bloodied handle-rail on the top floor of the building. Alison. Her wounds had healed completely, her eyes had turned red, completely, just like before.
“So…” she said, a sly tone in her voice, “Betcha didn’t think of that, did you, dumbos?”
There was a sudden explosion, the guns, just…exploded in thin air. All the people fell back, eyes wide. The youngest of them ran screaming to his designated cell, of course, he was about 14, so no surprise there. The oldest looked around 37, having black, military styled hair with deep brown eyes. Immediately, she guessed he formerly worked for the armed forces, but she couldn’t be sure, she didn’t have every power yet.
Alison rose her arms, encircling all ten now in a ring of fire. She pushed them back, burning them all into the same cell. Honestly, she didn’t want this, these powers, these things, but if they helped her catch that murderer…
“I have no other choice…” she stated, closing the cell door with a flick of her index finger.
“Are you special?!” the 14 year old asked, “Are you like Cody?”
She drifted down to face him while the lock ensured the closing of the ten others, “No, stupid,” she rolled her eyes, “Do you see me trying to kill people?”
He didn’t answer.
She rolled her eyes again, “Besides, Miller and I have different abilities, he has speed of light attack movements and body control,” she smiled, “And I have power multiplication.”
The boy sighed, “Meaning? That could mean you multiply the powers, you-”
“Meaning,” she added, “That I absorb whoever’s powers that are closest to me.”
“Well, do you take them forever?” he asked.
“God your annoying,” she added on, “No. And that’s all I’m answering.”

Three knocks struck the solid steel door. A bandaged hand, covered, full body, with a tattered piece of cloth. A man, rather chubby, yet seemingly strong, opened the door widely. About fifteen people stared from the inside.
The man scoffed, then looked down at the parted lips that could be seen, that weren’t covered in the shadows of the cloth, “What?”
The face looked upwards, still not revealing any other part but the bottom half, “I want to join,” the voice rasped weakly.
The man looked behind him, another man came immediately, “How old are you?”
“No.” The man answered.
The other man smiled, “We only accept 18 and up, sorry, kid,” he said closing the door.
The figure put his foot on the door, making it stay open, “I said let me in.”
The man growled, “And I said leave, punk.”
The figure smiled, “Well, I tried to make myself a secret,” the voice suddenly became intelligent, not the rasp, sickly voice it was before, it became smooth and professional. The body’s figure became straight and tall instead of crouched and defenseless, the cloth slid off, revealing the boy’s light brown hair cut sharply and stylishly in a sleek fohawk. His blue eyes sparkled mischievously.
The man smiled, but felt a sudden tug at his arm as he unwillingly opened the door, “I thought you’d never come…”
The others stood respectfully.
“I never thought you’d come, my God,” the man repeated, “Cody Miller, welcome to your Ultimate Followers Group.”
Cody’s eyes narrowed, bright blue eyes, “Disrespectful lot, you all are,” he snorted, making the man close the door, “I should kill you all now.”
A sense of panic came upon everyone’s face.
“I’m not, though, not yet, at least, I need about five of you, but I’m not entirely sure which five of you,” he sighed, putting his hands behind his back, he had on the same jacket he’d been wearing for three years, “Names, ages, now.”
Cody pointed at the man at the door, “You first.”
The man was eager, giddy, “Heath Line, 34-”
“Not you,” a slash echoed through the room and Heath dropped dead to the floor, a large gash slitting through his neck, “You.” He pointed to a woman.
She gulped, “Lia Gr-”
“Nope,” she fell to the floor, a bloody mess, “Ok, you,” yet another woman.
“H-Haley, 18,” she covered her head.
“No last name?” Cody asked curiously, but with a sly smile.
“N-no sir, I’m an orphan,” she answered.
“You’re not 18, are you, Haley…?” he smiled, making her stand with a movement of his hand.
Haley’s eyes widened, “H-how did you know?”
“You don’t call yourself an orphan if you’re 18, now shift back to your own age,” he said, standing her by him.
“How did you know?” she asked, “It’s not just that is it?”
“No, no it’s not, for example, I already know who’s about to die, and who isn’t, it’s only one more person that I need, I lied about the five,” he smiled demonically, “I only needed two people.”
There was an explosion of blood as all but one boy was cut open entirely. He smiled and watched as everyone left alive was splattered in blood. The girl changed her age, as she was told, she had age manipulation, any age, any time.
She looked at the boy left standing, and gulped, “Kyle, too?”
Kyle looked at the Haley, “I didn’t know you could do that…” Kyle said.
Cody smiled, “That’s right, you two are related!” he chuckled, “But you didn’t know about Kyle’s power…”
“Power?” Kyle gulped, backing up, “I don’t have a power, I didn’t even know Haley had a power!”
Cody took a few steps forward, “Well you do,” he smiled, “It’s the one I’ve always wanted.”
Haley’s eyes widened, “Get away from him…” she whimpered, but couldn’t do anything, he was holding her back.
“Oh, no worries, I won’t do anything to your precious brother, I just want him to realize what his ability is,” Cody picked up a body, seemingly dead, but as Kyle looked closer, he noticed the scratches and cuts gone, only leaving blood to layer the skin.
“That’s Richard, he’s dead,” Kyle said, “You killed him…”
“No, actually, he’s a healer, he’s not dead, he’s just pretending,” Cody chuckled, “Watch.”
Cody took a pen from the tabletop and smiled, punching it into the man’s skull. Richard screamed in pain as the pen was drawn out and the bloody place where the pen was was cured, leaving nothing but a minor bald spot on the top of his head. Richard looked up at Kyle’s shocked face and begged for mercy.
Cody sighed, “Now, I want you to put your hand on his head and concentrate, then you’ll see your power.”
Immediately, Kyle thought it was something to do with healing, so he smacked the palm of his hand on the top of Richard’s head. A piercing scream emitted from Richard’s throat as a blue colored light was absorbed into Kyle’s hand. Kyle smiled, he felt powerful, and whatever he was absorbing, it was powerful too. Haley watched, mesmerized, the blue light seemed to also be taking the man’s life, the life source…
“His Aura!” she suddenly noticed, “Kyle, you’re taking his Aura! You’re taking both his power and his life!”
Kyle looked at his sister, dark green eyes shadowed by his dark, almost black, hair, “Good.”
Now, that boy was only 15, accepted into the club primarily because they all thought his sister was 18 and could care for him because he was an orphan, but his sister was actually his twin, same dark green eyes and almost black hair, but with a different power. It was something in this boy’s soul, something in his mind, and something rubbed off on him by Cody that he felt this power to be an amazing ability. He could absorb aura, powers, and life. Now that he had one of the powers, and this is the one that would make him immortal, Cody was definitely thinking about which of the two was to be, and what an obvious choice this was to be, his prodigy, his apprentice, his sequel.

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Comment by Ale Mahogany on December 1, 2009 at 4:10pm
I did not see that coming!
Comment by Alex Davis on December 1, 2009 at 8:39pm
I like twists, they're very good for a story :D


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