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All I'm gonna say is that it's more than 5000 words and on word it was 15 pages long, so...good luck :P

Linneun Vericus was none other than a prince. A prince of blood, agony, and gory pain. He was yet to be one of the ‘senior’ vampires, as his Clan called it, rather, he was a Junior vampire, one of great blood, and royal. He was the Blood Bath Prince, descendant of Dracula himself. His father, Vericus Linne Un, which is where Linneun had gotten his name, was the former King of Blood, the one that all feared, that was concealed, yet feasted upon humans like none other.
On the modern streets of Gary, Indiana, Linneun Vericus walked. Each night of his seventeen year old body consisted of bloodthirsty attacks. Poor human nightwalkers, poor drunkees, lost children, ect… They were all held unmercifully by the untendered claws of The Blood Prince, the bloodstained fangs of Prince Linneun and sometimes even his father.
Unlike his father, Linneun had taken a more violent turn in this story, a greater, more gruesome take. He’d break into these human houses, at times, kill the whole family. He was no person to be begging for mercy to. No. Beg for mercy at Linneun Varicus, and you’re sure to decapitate right after the feast, just for the fun of it.
He was one of the more…handsomer vampires, not that Vampires in general were handsome…but, being in the body of an originally handsome seventeen year old boy has its benefits, no? With eyes black as coal, which are accompanied by his jet black hair, yet contrasted on incredibly pale skin, only his teeth and bloodstained nails are left for a threat. Nails, oh the nails, that reached out, they were like cat nails, with an ability to compress the bones in his fingers to outstretch them about three inches out.
His left cheek, primarily, was worn in blood. Scratches from other vampires, much older than him, yet still in fear of him, that dare wander onto his future Clan’s territory. His fangs were wolf-like, teeth that you were sure that shredded at the touch. Teeth that you knew would rip you apart without even thinking. They tenderly touched his bottom lip, hidden by the top lip of his.
Linneun remembered a drunk, one he’d told he was a Vampire. The drunk man had criticized Linneun. Big mistake.
“Ahh, so Vampires brush their teeth now?!” the man laughed, stepping out of the beat down car, “And I guess vampires are so incredibly young too? Punk, get out of the way!”
Linneun smiled, he’d been stuck in this body, and not that it wasn’t his body, for five hundred and eighty-four years. Not once had a man stood up to him like that. Linneun Varicus was the type of vampire that liked a challenge, and made each prey fun.
“Dear sir,” he said, voice hoarse, crude, vicious, “I am not one to mess with…”
Linneun outstretched his claws, this didn’t scare the man. It warned him. As Linneun walked to the drunkee’s car, the man quickly grabbed a gun from the glove compartment of his car. He was well aware of the gangs out after curfew in Gary. They were vicious, but said to be killed by another gang, they called themselves the Night-Eaters Gang…
“You one of those Gang kids?” the man questioned, holding up the gun as a threat.
Linneun laughed, “You think that will hurt me?” he chuckled, black eyes narrowing. He loved going out in the darkest of night, when the stupidest people were out, but when his entirely black eyes couldn’t be seen, “I told you…I’m not normal…”
“And I told you, you stupid Punk,” the man said as Linneun drew closer, a smile on his bloodied face. The man panicked as the headlights of the car drew upon Linneun’s left cheek and its scratches, “Leave me alone!”
The trigger went off five times. Linneun’s body was jetted to the ground at shot number three. The next two shots were to assure his death. The man looked at Linneun’s body, covered in raw, deep red blood, pools of blood around him, soaking the black clothing he wore. What the man found more intriguing was the classic deathly, demonic smile that was drawn across Linneun’s face. The man jumped in the car immediately, this was officially freaking him out.
“Come on…” the man said, throwing a beer bottle at the body, in fear it still wasn’t dead, “Start, star-”
The man looked up. That noise he’d just heard, the bottle breaking against that concrete….impossible. Wouldn’t there be padding, having the boy’s body there? He looked out the window. The beer bottle, the street, the immense pool of blood…
“T-the boy…” he stuttered, suddenly feeling a choking feeling at his neck.
“The boy has a name, dear sir,” Linneun squeezed the man’s throat, claws ripping into the flesh of this drunken man, that was clearly smarter and more sober than the rest now a days, “My name is Linneun Varicus, Prince of Blood…”
The holes in Linneun’s black trench coat only verified that whom the drunken man was shooting at was indeed him, yet there were no marks in his young body, just the bloody holes in his jacket. The sweat crept down the man’s forehead as he was tortured, for Linneun did not kill right away, he knew how to torture, how to make humans want to be dead, but they never are, humans were so simple…
Linneun slammed the man’s skull into the frame of the window, leaving the middle aged guy with a deep scar in his head. He growled, shifting from inside the car to outside, where the man sat bleeding to death, still conscious.
“Do you believe me now, you foolish human?” Linneun chuckled, “I had no intension of hurting and torturing this much tonight, actually, I was going to make it quick, but you tried to kill a Prince,” he took the gun and cracked it in half, “With an idiotic human gun...stupid man.”
There was a sudden scream, a jet of blood, and a demonic face as the teeth of the Vampire Prince pierced the neck of the man. He chuckled, careful not to emit any of the Vampire poison into this man, he didn’t want to turn a rebellious drunk into one of his followers, that’s be just as stupid as trying to kill a Vampire with a gun.
He drew his head back, a sly smile on his blood covered face, “And yet again,” he chuckled, “A good prey…”
Throwing the body back in the car, he scurried off, back to his home, end of that story. Well, actually, that’s where it starts, the killing of that man. It turned out that that man was the vice-president’s brother, and, obviously, being the sibling of such an important person, they were bound to file a top notch investigation on this. The investigation led to Phillip R. Jeens, the fingerprints, the blood, it all led to the seventeen year old that lived in a solitary old house with his mother and two sisters five hundred and eighty-four years ago…before he’d died from a fatal bullet to the head, then disappeared forever, his body had left a long trail of blood that ended at a river.
They’d never found the body. It makes you wonder what happened to it…doesn’t it now? The authorities were baffles by this, starting up a full fledge investigation on the Vice president’s brother’s body, the old house, and even the unknown whereabouts of the body of Phillip Jeens. What these people did not know was that this was a murder that was bound to lead to disaster.
And so, our story begins, with a tale of Vampires, none of witch are to be creatures of justice, holiness, these are vampires that aren’t scared of a wooden stake, ones that are vicious and have no mercy whatsoever. And here we are, our story, as I said before, of Vampires. Specifically, one Vampire in particular, who’s actions led to the worst case possible, the story of Linneun Varicus, also known as the unworthy human; Phillip Jeens.

Linneun walked shamelessly into the mansion that was well hidden in a farther away forest. He was proud of his recent kill. It had been increasingly violent, just as he liked it. The sly smile crossed his face as he tried scratching the dried blood off his right cheek with his nail. Linneun had a habit; many actually, of only keeping the blood from the left side of his face on his face. You’d only see him without any blood anywhere when he was called upon to the king, the man who took Linneun Vericus as his son.
The young boy had gone to his room quickly, Vericus was not a patient man, and, in the tone he’d sounded when he called the young vampire, it must be something desperate. Linneun was quick, cleaning all the blood off his face, putting on a pair of dark pants and a black shirt, draping his shoulders with a blood-red cloak that reached his ankles. His shoes? A pair of black converse. Modern shoes, he needed to blend in with the crowd, and, if he was sent for a mission, then all he had to do was take off the cloak to blend in.
Stepping as light as he possibly could, he pushed the door open with a small impulse from his clawed index finger. Linneun’s teeth clenched, he held back the hiss that was about to secrete from his throat. His fangs clenched as well, and that rather hurt for him, on the fact that clenching your fangs propelled them forward a bit, making them jut out slightly from your gums like a shark, except more painful.
His eyes narrowed, trying not to act as surprised as he actually was. It was Vericus, holding the very body of the man he’d killed. The worst part was that Vericus looked like he was going to chop Linneun’s head off and feast from the little blood he had. The boy stepped back as the man’s body was thrown to the floor, sliding to Linneun’s feet. He stood staring at the man’s pale corpse in shock.
“What is the meaning of this, Father?” Linneun questioned.
“That man, my boy,” it was very obvious Vericus was holding back a growl and a pounce to the boy, “Is your prey, correct?”
“Y-yes, of course, bu-”
“Shut up! You fool! You’ve killed a man,” Vericus spat springing in front of Linneun, “And this man is leading to the very discovery of our species!”
Linneun squeaked in pain as the man’s claws shredded across his neck. They left a large gash on the right side, and, unfortunately for Linneun, he wasn’t going to die, instead, he was going to take all the pain this full grown vampire was to give to him. That was the bad thing about vampires, they were the immortal sort, and, to make it even worst, they were violent. If you did one small thing wrong, you were tortured and attacked. So, now, imagine, after this leading investigation, imagine what they are to do to Linneun…
“Please, wai-”
“Shut up, you imbecile, you have no right to talk!” Vericus growled, pushing the boy to the ground furiously, “If you are going to make these stupid mistakes, and not even hide the body, I suggest you go to one of the smaller, stupider Clans that feed upon brute animals and ‘protect’ their land because others of our kind actually dare to cross their boundaries!”
Linneun said nothing, choking silently from the foot on his stomach and the hand that held his head down by the neck, knowing that he’d only feel the horrid pain as he felt like dying, he wanted to.
“I said quiet, you fool! Don’t you see that body?! That body is the Vice-Presidents brother! They have led a full fledge investigation!”
Linneun began to go weak, he couldn’t feel his arms, and he knew, soon, that he’d collapse into a deep submissive sleep in which he’d only wake when his energy levels were high again. Vericus growled, letting go, leaving Linneun coughing on the well polished floors of the Great Vampire Clan’s palace, mansion-like thing.
“I cannot kill you, unfortunately, at least not now…”
“King Vericus, would you like us to return the body?” one of the men said, flashing a sly smile, the smile with the sharpest of teeth, the most vicious.
“Yes, Killdren, you and Gretchen can take the body back to those idiotic specimen labs humans have nowadays...” the man nodded briefly, watching as Linneun stood, gasping for air.
“Why didn’t you kill me, King?” Linneun said, putting his claws back to their regular, size. They might be a human’s size, but they were as sharp as a dog’s.
“Don’t you remember? It’d be wrong to kill my son, even if you’ve done something that could endanger our species,” he could barely choke the words out, “Besides, you are one of our best, plus you are the heir, for whenever I am ready to back down from this throne.”
Linneun watched as the two other Vampires took the body. It was strange, you know, how vampires could move so fast, be so strong, be so violent, and yet they were more peaceful than humans. He shook his head, feeling the long gash that went across the right side of his neck, along with the other scratches he’d gotten in the process. It’d been awhile since he’d seen his own blood; he’d actually forgotten he’d had any.
“But you could’ve gotten Killdren…or Ender, to take my place; they are also fit to be Prince or Princess.”
Vericus snarled, “Are you wanting to get killed?”
“N-no, Father, I’m sorry, I was just wond-”
“Even if I gave the place to them, Linneun,” the King interrupted, “They are not responsible for this tangle,” he glimpsed at Linneun with his deep black eyes, “If you die depends on if you can resolve this or not, Young Prince.”
Linneun’s breathing stopped short, “What?!” he hissed.
“Yes, I’ve decided for that to be your punishment,” Vericus nodded to himself, “Not only will it resolve this problem, but, if you do it correctly, meaning, if you don’t die and find out how to solve this, you are both worthy to become a prince and all the other punishments I was to give you shall be canceled and forgotten.”
Linneun almost choked on his words, “But I do not know what, or how, I’m supposed to do! This-it’s impossible!”
“Actually, young Prince, ‘tis not,” a dull voice came from the darkest corner in the room.
Linneun looked over. It was yet another Vampire, he’d remembered seeing this one, but he was always in the corner, never did anything, for Linneun, this one was very lazy and should’ve been kicked out long ago. But Linneun didn’t dare to fight with the King for such a foolish reason…
“Who are you?” Linneun asked, black eyes narrowing.
“My name is Gregory, son,” the man who was supposedly named Gregory stated.
“Gregory,” Vericus growled, turning to sit in the throne chair once more, “You know, you shouldn’t get involved in other’s issues…Leave the boy to solve this on his own.”
“Oh, Vericus, Vericus…” there was a flash, a gust of wind, and suddenly, Gregory was right in front of the King, “Did you forget who you were talking to?”
Linneun’s eyes widened. He’d never seen anyone that fast, it was impossible, yet he’d just seen…or, not seen it, should I say. Not only the speed impressed young Linneun, but this man’s eye color…it was not the usual cavernous black color, instead, it was a dark, almost blood red tint that was then engulfed partially by the black pupil that grew and decreased in size as a cat.
“Gregory, I wouldn’t help this boy if I were you…” Vericus stated, a bit on the scared side, he then whispered low enough for Linneun not to here, “This boy’s past is too profound to get into, you’ll sink in its waters…”
Gregory smiled, suddenly flashing beside Linneun, “Better yet,” he claimed, flashing a pale smile and patting down his own light brown hair.
“What is it you’re going to teach me, anyhow?” Linneun countered.
Gregory rolled his eyes, “You’ll see, and don’t worry, it’ll help you, help you in all of this, ‘k boy?”
Linneun blinked, a too-serious look on his blood-bathed face from the fight before, “Yes, that is ok.”

Varicus sat impatiently in his chair as the two walked out. Linneun seemed to be calm with this man, with Gregory. Vericus guessed that, with the fight he’d given to the boy, he’d be a bit calmer for a few days. It’s not everyday that you’re attacked by a head vampire, and that head vampire is cruel enough to let you live through it.
“King Vericus,” Killdren’s voice sounded throughout the large echoed room, “We have given the body back to the humans.”
He grumbled, “No humans have been harmed, correct?”
“No, Sir,” Gretchen replied quickly, her stance shifting to a more comfortable position than the one where she stood up straight, as if she was up against a wall.
“Good,” Vericus said, reaching for a cloth from the large, water filled bowl that sat beside him.
“Sir,” Killdren said, nails outgrowing in case this question would lead to a one on ten attack, “Why is it that you let the boy live?”
The man growled silently, “This will prove if he’s worthy or not to be the next King,” Varicus said, passing the cloth between his fingers and nails to swipe off the dried blood, “Besides, Killdren, we need someone to fix this, or would you rather it be you whom has to solve this?”
Killdren hissed at himself, “No, sir.”
“Gretchen,” Vericus said, looking up.
Gretchen strayed her gaze from the floor and looked up immediately, “Yes, s-sir?”
“What is your question, now?”
She gulped, “W-well…”
“No worries, my dear, I will not hurt you if I am offended or such,” Vericus assured her.
“I was wondering why you let Gregory go with him, you know he’s going to-”
“Yes,” he stopped her, putting out his pale hand for her to shut up, “I know, but what was I to do? It would be Gregory up here instead if he hadn’t given me the thrown, and knowing Gregory, he shouldn’t be in a high authority position.”
Gretchen gulped as he drew a flower from the vase beside him, a rose, and began to clench the stem. He winced not once at the thorns, which was not at all surprising. Varicus was a very serious man, he barely felt pain, and, when he did, it’d mean he was incredulously hurt. He pulled his hand away from the stem to reveal a now crimson color that encircled the stem’s green and made it have burgundy hue.
Varicus watched as a single drop of blood traced the stem and jetted down to its bottom tip. He looked up and saw as both Killdren and Gretchen held in the temptation, eyes wide and lips parted slightly to disclose the bloodthirsty fangs they held in their jaws. He chuckled silently to himself as they stood, hypnotized by the sole drop of scarlet that slithered down both his hand and the stem. The drops simultaneously dropped to the floor, landing on the sand colored tiles, followed by several others.
The King’s eyes widened in disbelief, “Killdren,” he shouted, “Gretchen!”
Their fangs were hidden immediately at his Majesty’s bark-like shout, “Yes, sir?” they said concurrently.
“I want you to keep an eye out on Linneun and Gregory,” he instructed, they looked stunned at his order, “Now!”
They snapped back to reality and nodded briefly before lurching, alarmed, out the open door and following the young Prince of Blood. Varicus growled at himself, how could he let Gregory take the Prince? How could he even think of trusting Gregory? How could he not see this coming?
Varicus looked down at the blood once more, the drops, they’d coalesced into a figure, “Dang it, Gregory…” he hissed to himself as the image became more clear, uncovering a small, diamond like figure attached to a small string, “How could I trust you with both the boy and the machine?”

Gregory paced around his room, opening everything, cabinets, drawers, boxes, everything he could find that was undoable. Linneun watched as the vampire man’s fury was perfected by the ruining of the bed and its sheets. It was obvious he was looking for something, but couldn’t find it, and Linneun had not the energy or liveliness to speed round the cursed room in search for something he doesn’t even know the looks of.
Gregory hissed and threw a large knife at Linneun, “Help me, you idiot!” he hissed.
Linneun seized the next breath he was going to take and shifted his head to the left a bit, dodging the large knife with only a scratch that dripped small amount of blood down his right cheek. His eyes amplified, where did he even get the knife from, anyway?
“I do not even know what you are looking for Gregory, how am I to he-”
“Yes!” his voice erupted into happy whistles of glee, “I found it!”
The man held up a blood-red colored diamond attached to a string, making it look like a small necklace. The diamond was not that large, in fact, it was half the size of a newborn’s hand. Inside the diamond, there was a small black light that glowed every now and then. Linneun eyed the small piece suspiciously, it looked incredibly familiar.
“How exactly,” the Prince scoffed, “Is that to help me with all of this?”
“Just put it on,” Gregory said with a sly smile as he slid the brown string over the boy’s head, “And when you get to your destination, ask for Hickory Blue.”
“Destination?” Linneun questioned, “I don’t get i-”
Suddenly, there was a pain in Linneun’s upper body, and then, he fell into the intangible h*** in the floor, the one that opened up and gobbled him in its depths.

Killdren peeked through the small crack in door. Gregory was not one to be messed with, he’d learned enough from that from his first punishment. It had been him versus Gregory, and, at first, he thought he could handle it, being only one vampire, and one that did nothing but sit in a corner… He treated it as a joke. Killdren remembered how the King had just chuckled slightly at the Killdren’s happiness. Since then, he knew why Gregory was his top vampire, that was a horrible day. All Killdren remembered was a jolt of color speeding in front of him, and then, suddenly, he awoke on the ground, bloody and beaten, the next week.
“Just remember, Gretchen,” he said under his breath, nails outstretching, “Gregory is not one to mess with.”
Gretchen nodded briefly, “Yes, Killdren.”
Killdren looked inside, but saw one of the oddest things he’d ever seen. It was Gregory, at the foot of a large, black h***-like gap that had opened in the room’s floor. He looked around, trying to see Linneun. Staring back to the large h***, he saw a red cloak, a hand, a hand that he knew far too well.
“Linneun!” Killdren gasped, pushing the doors open at once as the gap closed, taking the boy down to wherever it was taking him.
Gretchen stepped back, careful not to be seen, then remembered Gregory’s enhanced senses, He’s sure to smell me… she thought speeding to the King’s chambers.
Meanwhile, Killdren grew furious. He had no idea what Gregory had done to the boy, but he was sure it wouldn’t be easy to get him back. Killdren growled through gritted teeth, and, I don’t know what vampires thought they were, but I am going to say it again, it hurt for them to grit or clench their teeth, due to the fact that the unusually long fangs have yet to adapt to the human body, which, in other words, means that they partially jut out, like a shark.
“What have you done with the prince of blood?!” Killdren hissed.
Gregory stood with a small smile on his face, “So, is this a challenge, dear friend?” he asked, spinning on his heel to face Killdren, “Do you not remember what happened last time you challenged me?”
Killdren’s breathing stopped, and, suddenly, his world went black. The last thing he saw being a sly grin from Gregory.

Gretchen burst into the chambers of the King, “Sir, sir!” she yelled, he was sitting in the corner, reading a book, “’Tis Gregory!”
Vericus looked up at once, “What happened?”
“Something happened to Linneun, he’s disappeared,” she panted, “And Killdren has stayed back there, I don’t know why!”
He stood immediately, “Get Farrow and Ender, meet me at Gregory’s room.”
He walked out, taking off his suit coat, trying to give them time to catch up with him. He opened the door to the room to find Killdren, on the floor…headless. He gasped, retreating a few steps, feeling someone behind him. He growled and scratched whoever is was on the cheek.
The person fell screaming to the ground, it was a deep wound, he wanted it to be, until he realized who it was, “Farrow!”
Farrow stood up, black eyes wary. He held the side of his neck weakly, that blow had almost gotten him to the fainting stage. Vericus growled, Gregory was nowhere in site, why did he have to be so skilled.
“I’m sorry, are you ok?” Vericus asked, despising his need to apologize.
“It is fine, sir, no need to worry…” Farrow winced as he took his hand off the scratch, the blood was even in his dirty blonde hair.
“Good,” Vericus said, Farrow was one of the newer vampires, so…that wasn’t a very good welcoming, “You’re turning out to be a good Warrior.”
“Warrior?” Ender, Gretchen, and Farrow asked simultaneously.
“I mean Vampire,” Vericus said, correcting himself.
Gretchen looked into the room and held back a hiss, “He killed him?”
Vericus looked behind him as well, the head was halfway across the room, “Yes, I do not know why he challenged Gregory after his first confrontation a long time ago…”
“He was the only one who saw everything that happened…” Gretchen hissed.
“Yes,” she replied, “I only saw Gregory acting happy yet evil…”
Vericus hissed, trying hard not to clench his teeth, “And now,” he said looking at the headless body, “Gregory has escaped…”
“Yes, do you-”
“But that’s the least of our problems, Gretchen,” he stopped her.
Ender stepped forward, looking at him with dark, confusing eyes. She was mute, you see, a specimen of Vampiric ‘special assistence’…but after her first fight with one of the senior vampires in the palace, she’d been treated as any other vampire. Farrow winced and looked at him also, his cut was still bleeding a bit, but it was better than before. None of them paid attention to the blood coming from Farrow’s neck, ‘tis said that if a vampire drinks another vampire’s blood, and it is not royal vampire blood, then, soon enough, that vampire would die of ‘rat poisoning’ which is what they called it.
It was called this because of the similarity it had to the human rat poison. It was an odd resemblance between the two, except the one in a vampire’s blood is stronger. It is only in the un-royal blood for one reason; long ago, vampires like Vericus and Linneun relied on the peasant vampires to go out and do their dirty work, and, being only small, ‘worthless’ followers, they could not attack the king, queen, prince, or princess. They could not even attack those who were related to them, unless they weren’t either aunts, uncles, cousins, or grandparents.
Therefore, the royal vampires were safe from blood-drain. The others were protected, and, whoever tried to drain a non-royal vampire, would die within an hour.
“What?” Farrow questions, showing his young teeth. Farrow was older than Linneun, about 25, “What does that mean?”
“It means,” Vericus growled, “That if we don’t find Linneun anywhere, Gregory has sent him with the CinderBlood to the Infinity Realm…”

Linneun opened his black eyes, he was…calmed. He felt his left cheek, it was clean, his teeth felt clean also. Not only that, but they weren’t as noticeable as before. Before they pressed to his bottom lip, so people would know he could harm them, but now…now they were concealed and he looked like a normal person, just paler and with darker eyes.
He sat up and looked around him, it was a small cottage, decorated sleekly with everything a normal house could have. A wooden chair, a wooden table, a cupboard...he named the things in his head, No television, though. This confused him, what modern home didn’t have a TV? Shaking his head, he looked outside, it was dark, when he’d fallen, he was sure it’s been broad daylight, that was why everyone was still in the palace, waiting till it darkened.
He couldn’t help but hear footsteps in the distance, they were long, elegant, yet fierce, as if they were of someone that ruled this very earth. Linneun sighed, suddenly noticing the ‘old-styled’ attire he was wearing. It was a tight fitted white shirt, covered with a blood colored tunic, which he decided someone made from his precious cloak. He had on a steel helmet, and, to cover his legs, there were black pants, tucked in at the bottom in brown leather boots…
“What is this? A renaissance fair?” he hissed silently as the footsteps drew nearer.
He felt to see if he still had the necklace with him. He didn’t. Had it disappeared when he’d fallen? Wait, why had he fallen in the first place? What was that necklace supposed to do, anyhow? What was even happening? Linneun jumped off the couch quickly and demolished everything in sight, looking for the necklace. He felt a bit like Gregory before he’d found the necklace…Gregory…
“Gregory!” the boy suddenly remembered, “He told me to find…uhh, find…”
Meanwhile, Linneun paid no attention to the sand-haired man leaning against the wall of the small cottage, “Hickory Blue?” the man chuckled as he flashed a pair of bright red eyes to the boy, “Well, you’ve found him.”
Linneun’s head spun to face this man and gasped, “The resemblance!” he choked, “Gregory!”
“Hmf, you’re one of the smarter Vampires I’ve sent,” Hickory smiled, “Yes, I am, but call me Hickory, k, kid?”
Linneun gave a small snarl, “Where am I, Hickory?”
“You are in the year 1598, my boy, so though has to speaketh as they had back in the medieval times,” Hickory answered with a small chuckle.
“What?!” he hissed launching his body weight at Hickory and pinning the man against the wall, “This isn’t going to help me fix that!”
Linneun squeezed Hickory’s throat. Hickory was not as skilled as before, being that from now until the year they normally lived in, he’d have a mountain-load of special training. The boy hissed, trying hard not to clench his teeth.
“H-here’s the necklace, boy…” Hickory held it up weakly with his right hand.
“Is that going to help me now?” Linneun grew furious and shredded his claws across the top layer of skin near his mouth.
Hickory growled, “You idiot!” he yelled, feeling his bottom lip, the one that Linneun had cut into, “You don’t even know what I’m planning!”
Linneun backed up, eyes wide, “Planning?” he suddenly noticed that the scratch he’d just given Hickory, was in the same spot that Gregory had a deep scar.
“Today…” Hickory growled, “Today is September 21, 1598, doesn’t that date mean anything to you?!”
Linneun growled, “That’s the day I was shot and turned into a vampire, aren’t I correct?”
Hickory’s eyes also widened, “Well, you remember more than the usual vampire, don’t you my boy…”
Hickory stood and set the necklace back over Linneun’s head. Linneun’s eyes became narrower, “Why is your hair a different color than the dirty blonde it was when I saw you last?”
“Well, young Prince, not everyone has jet black hair that can’t get darker, do they?”
Linneun was shut up by that question to his question, but then asked another, “What does this do, anyhow?”
“It takes you back in time, boy, or did you think I have the ability to do that?”
“No, but-”
“No! We’re running out of time!” Hickory gasped, stopping Linneun in mid-speech.
Linneun tilted his head, “What?”
“The sun!” Hickory pointed at the rising sun, “It’s almost up! Hurry! Hurry!”
And then, suddenly, Linneun was pulled by the arm, into the darker parts of the small forest, and to who knows where. They finally stopped by a stream. It was peaceful, only colliding with the small rocks that jutted out the pebbly bottom. Linneun felt his body appease at the sound of the bubbling water. Until he heard two voices in the distance, a boy and a girl, both the people he was hearing sounded deathly familiar, yet…
“Goodness, it’s me!” Linneun suddenly realized, “And I’m not pale, and I’m actually handsome-looking!”
“No, Linneun, actually, that is Phillip R. Jeens, you, yes, but not you at the same time,” Hickory whispered as he watched the two people take off their shoes and waddle in the stream.
“Who’s the girl?” Linneun asked, he didn’t know who she was, yet he felt such a close feeling to her…
“Her name is Jenna Cruz,” Hickory smiled a bit, “You and her were lovers.”
Linneun’s eyes widened as he held in a giant screaming plate of “WHAT?!” and instead said, “I-I had no idea, she’s beautiful, I’m surprised I could get someone like her…”
Hickory watched as Phillip went to hug the girl and closed his eyes, “You didn’t.”
Suddenly, there was a bang. It echoed throughout the small forest, making the birds fly away, off the branches, somewhere more peaceful, because they could actually go there. Linneun’s breathing stopped completely as the blood shot everywhere, over the rocks in the stream, the trees nearby…even the water was stained in blood now. Jenna watched as Phillip cascaded to her feet and lied in the water, drowning silently although he was already dead.
“Goodbye, my dear Romeo,” Jenna said as she walked away with a man at her side, he held a small rifle that smoked from the firing spot.
“Princess,” the man said as they walked away, “You know you didn’t have to do this, right?”
“I did, Henry,” she answered, her voice growing weaker, “I wanted to see him one last time.”
Linneun stared in disbelief, “Why did they kill me?!”
“You had a debt, and a very big one at that, but you never paid it off, kid, and back then, this is what they did if you didn’t pay it off,” Hickory explained, stepping out of hiding and pulling the bleeding boy out of the water.
“I didn’t even know there were guns in the 1500’s!” Linneun wailed, not being tempted by the blood, only because he knew it was his.
“Actually,” Hickory said, not daring to look at the feast of blood for some reason, “Gunpowder was invented in the 1200’s, small firearms and gunpowder became more popular after the 1500’s, like now, two years away from the 14th century.”
“Ok, so you brought me to see me die, now what?!”
Now was when the wide, decisive grin came upon Hickory’s face, “You decide if you want yourself to live, or if you choose to die and not be a vampire.”
“You heard me, you fool, Vericus? The one who transformed you?” Hickory chuckled, “That’s you, you idiot, did you not see your similarities?”
Linneun gasped, “So you brought me to decide if I wanted to live or not?”
“Yes, if you live, then you’ll just have to deal with the problem some other way…”
“You are an evil man, Hickory Blue…”
“Yes, I know…” Hickory stated, holding his ‘twin’ up so Linneun could feast.
Linneun stepped forward, all this that was happening, it was incredible… It wasn’t real… “This is impossible…”
He shook his head and looked at the body once more. Suddenly, he lurched his hand out, grabbing his own neck. He felt the pressure on his body, as if this was him now. Was that why he felt so dead? Linneun reached out to bite the neck, but stopped an inch away and looked up. He watched Hickory intently, watched as the sly smile crossed his face, this is what he wanted Linneun to do, so he could commit the same stupid errors, over and over again, and Hickory and Gregory would just watch helplessly from a corner…
“Hickory,” Linneun said, fingering the necklace around his neck.
“Yes, my boy?” Hickory asked with yet another smile.
“I’m not your puppet,” he ripped the necklace off his neck, slashing the front of the man’s neck harshly, “Don’t treat me like one.”
Hickory flew back, trying to dodge the swipe from the sword sharp edges, but failing in the attempt. Hickory gasped, grabbing the front of his neck painfully. Right at this moment, he was thinking it wasn’t a good idea to leave something sharp in this boy’s hands. Linneun snarled at him as his nails grew, they grew and grew, and, on top of that, they were sharp.
“Not only am I putting myself in my designated place, but I’m taking you with me,” Linneun said, speeding towards the man whom was also jutting out his claws.
“Even at this state, young Linneun, I am not one to mess with!”
Hickory smiled and raced up to Linneun at a slower speed. Suddenly, there was a squeal heard from the boy. He’d been cut right below his right cheek, a bit down more and it would’ve weakened him greatly. Hickory seemed displeased with this happening, and, foolishly, tried again.
“You little imbecile, I am stronger than you eve-”
There was a breathless sound, a splatter of blood, and then…
“You were never stronger than me, idiot…”
Linneun’s arm was struck into Hickory’s chest. His hand twitching slowly, he pulled his arm out to reveal a bloody mess. His body was far from gone now, it’d headed down the river, along with all the blood, and soon, soon the sun would rise, leaving not a trace of these things. Linneun chuckled at Hickory’s lifeless body, it was rather funny to see one of the most powerful vampires in the world laying dead at your feet, and knowing it was you that made that happen.
“Everything today has just been confusing for me today…” he sighed to himself as he felt a stabbing feeling at the back of his head, “Is that the bullet I’m feeling? Or is it the sun?”
The boy turned, facing the beautiful sunrise, Both… Linneun thought, feeling the peace come to his body as his limbs began to fall to ashes. It wasn’t exactly a serene sight, but you might as well think of it as one, seeing a vampire disintegrate into ashes was pretty interesting…but after what this vampire had been through, you might as well feel a bit bad for him.
“And now, I die,” Linneun sighed, again to himself, “But I will be remembered as a Prince, The Prince of Blood.”

I didn't really like how I wrote the ending much, but...I think it's pretty...ok. :)

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