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Character Name: Tyson aka The Lion’s Heart

Age: 15

Birth Date: August 8

Place of Birth: Xi Wang, Saron

Residence: Red Shark Hideout

Height: 5’2’’

Weight: 126 lbs.

Clothing Sizes / Styles: Pirate clothing

Hair Color: Blond

Hair Length: 6”

Eye Color: brownish-red

Jewelry: brown leather necklace

Tattoos: tribal lion (right side rib cage)

Relationship with Family: Has none

Key Family / Relatives: None

Relationship with Friends: Good with him being the leader

Key Friends: Jason (second in command), Mason, Nason, Bayson, Rason, Vaison, Yarson

Key Enemies: Xi Wang Police and Saron Military

Educational History:  Elementary and street smarts

Work History: Professional Thief (6 Years)

                         Red Sharks’ Leader (2 Years)

Skills: Able to design various blades & swords, robes, and other things pirates use

Phobias / Fears: someone touching his junk, thinking they will cut it off/ losing his friends.

Bad Habits / Vices: Steals, fights law enforcement, kills those that get in his way

Quirks: has a weak left knee so he tends to hop every few steps while running

Best Qualities: protective of his friends, loyal, kind

Worst Qualities: can be cruel

Key Childhood Experiences: Lost his parents when he was nine, joined Red Sharks

Key Teenage Experiences: Became leader of the street gang Red Sharks

Key Adult Experiences: None

Sexual Background: Heterosexual, but can’t stand the girls in his country due to their sense of superiority  

Favorites (food, clothing, art, music, TV show, movie, book, etc.): Hot bean buns, pirate clothing, fine art (due to its value), Sports (so he can gamble), action-pack movies

Personal Goals: to survive

Professional Goals: To make enough money to retire peacefully

Morality / Ethics: you do what you have to, to survive

Style of Speech: Talks like a pirate without out the slang attach

Lies / Misinformation: Mass murder, would kill his own friends for fun


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