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Lei: Lei is the mother of Annala and the grandmother of Calidora. She is married to the foot soldier name Kane and is the mother-in-law of Kalich from the Camgon army. She is in charge of the entire Saronian army and the strongest member able to create designs no one else can such as reflected spears and shields. She sent Annala to find out the mysterious power of Kalich who had just joined the Camgonian army. She later wants her daughter back and orders Captain Xia to go get her. She is no fan of men having power, but believes they should be able to perform simple task.


Lieutenant Cornel Ling: Ling is the Lieutenant Cornel of the Saronian army. She is second in command and her signature bells in her hair warns all that she is coming. She is very talented with designs above average and once had a rivalry of skill with Annala in designing. She is ruthless to her opponents and think of men as weak. She thinks of herself as truly strong and can think fast on her feet to allow her to counter her opponent’s techniques. She can overestimate herself when it comes to males due to never seeing any that could match her skills.


Captain Xia: is the first man in history to become a captain in the Saronian army. He is good with tactics and is decent with designing. He is confident in his skill, but greatly fears the women above him as he knows they could destroy him.


Camgon General: is the leader of the Camgon Army. He is a tough man and is determine to return the power Camgon once had. He does not like the idea of anything threatening the country and will do whatever it takes to make sure Camgon retains its formal glory.


Saron Queen: Is the current queen of the Kingdom of Saron. She is a beautiful woman with grace and skill. She has a soft spot for Annala and finds Camgon interesting and is interested and what power they may possess.


Saronian Army: is the country’s warriors. They all have to be professorate in designing weapons and armor before they are allow to join. The army is considered one of the strongest armies in the entire world and the strongest currently on the continent due to their power to design a weapon for any situation.


Camgonian Army: is the country’s soldiers. They were once considered the most fearsome warriors in history due to their destructive force and powerful defense. However over the last half century they have lost their strength, forcing them to sign treaties with their neighbors. They have only just begun to gain their power back.


Red Sharks: are a group of rebellious boys that are completely against the matriarch structure. They fight against it anyway they can and steal to survive. They are lead by Tyson the Lion’s Heart with each of their names ending with son.

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