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Character Name: Calidora

Age: 4  

Birth Date:  December 13

Place of Birth: Military Base, Camgon

Residence: Military Base

Height: 3’1’’

Weight: 30 lbs.

Clothing Sizes / Styles: cute dress base off western and eastern culture

Hair Color: Dark Green

Hair Length: 1’2”

Eye Color: Deep Green

Jewelry: clear red flora ponytail holders

Tattoos: None

Relationship with Family: enjoys being around them and spending time with and can trust them completely.

Key Family / Relatives: Kalich (Father), Annala (Mother), Lei (Grandmother), Kane (Grandfather)

Relationship with Friends: Good and balance

Key Friends: Manny, Berry, Moe

Key Enemies: Captain Xia

Educational History: Kindergarten

Work History: None

Skills: Has some skill at designing/has some emotional energy

Phobias / Fears: afraid of the unknown

Bad Habits / Vices: runs when she’s scare (even if it’s not the best idea)

Quirks: None

Best Qualities: sweet and caring

Worst Qualities: cry baby

Key Childhood Experiences: helping her mother in the kitchen, playing with her father, making friends

Key Teenage Experiences: None

Key Adult Experiences: None

Sexual Background: None

Favorites (food, clothing, art, music, TV show, movie, book, etc.): slice apples, the drawings she does herself, funny songs, anything that’s on TV, the stories her dad reads her before bed

Personal Goals:  wants to go back home to her mommy and daddy

Professional Goals: None

Morality / Ethics: to be a good girl

Style of Speech: cute and adorable

Commonly Used Words / Slang / Jargon: daddy, mommy, Meany, scary

Other Important Details: None

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