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Character Name: Annala

Age: 23

Birth Date: December 12

Place of Birth: Xi Wang, Saron

Residence: Military Base

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 108 lbs.

Clothing Sizes / Styles: dresses and army uniform.

Hair Color: Dark Green

Hair Length: 3’2”

Eye Color: Grape Purple

Jewelry: silver heart earrings, wedding ring

Tattoos: None

Relationship with Family: She has a good relationship with her mother; however found her father’s weakness annoying so was very put off by men in general due to him. Since she only married Kalich to complete her mission she sees him as nothing more than a means to an end and in away a weak man just like her father due to his passive nature, but greatly cares about their daughter Calidora and wants her to be raised right.

Key Family / Relatives: Kalich (husband), Calidora (daughter), Lei (Mother), Kane (Father)

Relationship with Friends: She has a very fake friendship with the women of Camgon so not to stand out.

Key Friends: Ling

Key Enemies: Captain Xia (for taking her daughter), Lei

Educational History: High School and Military Training

Work History: Saron Solider/Spy (8 Years)

Skills: Very Skill Designer who can make anything she needs for combat

Phobias / Fears: being weak or being seen as weak

Bad Habits / Vices: putting down men

Quirks: gets embarrass around strong men that stand up to her.

Best Qualities: skilled warrior, convincing actress, talented cook

Worst Qualities: looks down on men

Key Childhood Experiences: learned how to design

Key Teenage Experiences: Met Kalich, married Kalich, had Calidora

Key Adult Experiences: raising Calidora

Sexual Background: heterosexual, drawn to strong men

Favorites (food, clothing, art, music, TV show, movie, book, etc.): likes to read, pop music, bean buns

Personal Goals: Protect her daughter

Professional Goals: To follow the orders she’s be given by any means

Morality / Ethics: Women are superior to men, to do whatever is needed for a mission

Style of Speech: normal

Lies / Misinformation: that she wasn’t a warrior (to Calidora), why she is with Kalich (to Camgon)

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