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Character Name: Kalich

Age: 23

Birth Date: January 25

Place of Birth: Town of Silence, Camgon

Residence: Army Base

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 140 Lbs.

Clothing Sizes / Styles: Army

Hair Color: blood red

Hair Length: 8”

Eye Color: Dark Green

Jewelry: Dog tag, wedding ring

Tattoos: None

Relationship with Family: Appears perfect on the outside, but very flawed on the inside.

Key Family / Relatives: Annala (wife), Calidora (daughter), Lei (Mother-in-Law), Kane (Father-in-Law)

Relationship with Friends: Good

Key Enemies: Captain Xia (for taking his daughter), Lei

Educational History: Basic army training

Work History:  Merchant (6 Years)

          Camgonian Solider  (5 Years)

Skills: Emotional Energy: base on his emotions he can expel energy from his body to destroy, heal, or protect

Phobias / Fears: losing his family

Bad Habits / Vices: self sacrificial

Quirks: tends to smell his wife’s hair when he thinks she’s not noticing

Best Qualities: Kind

Worst Qualities: giving in

Key Childhood Experiences: First came aware of his special powers

Key Teenage Experiences: Met Annala, married Annala, and had his daughter Calidora

Key Adult Experiences: Became part of his country’s military

Sexual Background: heterosexual, drawn to the gentleness and softness of women

Favorites (food, clothing, art, music, TV show, movie, book, etc.): Curry, Rock music, Action Movies,

Personal Goals: To get along with his wife

Professional Goals: Make First Lieutenant

Morality / Ethics: To do as he vows, protecting the women in his life

Style of Speech: Normal

Lies / Misinformation: that he’s happily marry

Other Important Details: uses a dragger

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