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Anyone who writes will most likely tell you taking on the challenge of writing a novel can be more frustrating than you might think at first. In fact, you might be able to get through 1-1/2, maybe 2 chapters before you realize the extent of research, editing, more research, more editing you have to do before your 1st manuscript is completed. That's where the fun really begins because after you read your first copy in manuscript form you realize you have even more changes required before you get your book published.

But there's something very rewarding about that first manuscript. It's like being able to say, "I finished what I started." When you send in your manuscripts and queries to agents and publishers you're most likely to be rejected because most publishers and agents are looking to take on established-name-authors rather than up-and-coming authors. For awhile we have the satisfaction of knowing that at least we're trying, but pretty soon that frustrated feeling overwhelms us as we enter a bookstore and wonder why our books aren't on those shelves and websites for readers to peruse and hopefully purchase.

I don't think anyone who writes ever gives up their plight to getting published no matter what the obstacles. In fact, giving up is worse than not writing at all for those longing to be published. But once we're published that's where the real work begins. You have to market yourself, get your name known, find a reason for people to buy and read your book. You'll find that many readers already have favorite authors and are not looking to expand their list of to-read books. But every now and then you come across someone who doesn't actually look for your type of book, but is compelled to buy a copy and read it. When they do they reach out to you and say something like, "I don't normally buy books like yours, but I liked your title and gave it a try. I thought it was good!" That feels very special to know someone made the time to read your book. It somehow makes a bit more difference if they don't know you from Adam because then you can say to yourself, 'They bought my book because they thought it would be good, and not because they know me.'

In the end we're happy with all the readers who make the time to buy and read our books because reaching out to any and everyone is part of the business. And make no mistake, writing is a business! If you don't know that you'll have a hard time selling. So keep on writing, keep on listening, keep on learning new techniques and markets and be sure to pass this on to others. The network you make now will help you in the long run.

This is just a word of advice from an author at large.

David Lucero

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Comment by Kay Elizabeth on December 25, 2009 at 2:01am
Thanks for sharing your thoughts there, David. I was struck by this observation. It's so true!

You'll find that many readers already have favorite authors and are not looking to expand their list of to-read books.

When I find an author I really like I read everything I can find of theirs until I exhaust their collection. Only then do I look for another one. Yet another challenge for new authors to face there, and also an excellent reason to start on the next book fast.
Comment by scribbler on December 29, 2009 at 4:50am
You have to market yourself, get your name known, find a reason for people to buy and read your book.
David, it would be great if you'd share tips on that side of the business too. There's a Marketing and Promotions Group that would love to hear about that. I'd be interested in what the biggest mistakes are that authors make about marketing and promoting their book. No one ever writes about that! Thank you for a good piece.
Comment by David Lucero on December 30, 2009 at 3:15am
Thanks for the comments! I'll be sure to mention on my next note some of the mistakes I learned during the publishing process. I have been writing To Do and Don't Do lists to help me improve the process for my next book.

Keep on writing!

Comment by Mark A. Santomieri on December 31, 2009 at 4:00pm
Good words, David. We must all continue to write, lest we we wither on the vine of anonymity.
I, too, have been working on perfecting my process. The novel, while indeed a heady endeavor, is not unattainable with proper focus. As Stephen King is fond of saying, write at least something every day. One will find that the work ends up doing itself.
Comment by Garry Edward Lewis on October 2, 2012 at 5:19am
Fantastic tips Dave, I'm in the painful process of going over my manuscripts even now correcting spellchecks, punctuations, etc.. It's seemingly a never ending process when writing. There are some cruel reviewers out there that delight in nothing more then pointing out your mistakes. But that's what makes us better writers. I often spot mistakes the reviewers make, we're only human. Some of these reviewers should try writing a book, maybe they'd be less critical once they see the work involved in writing.
Comment by David Lucero on October 4, 2012 at 4:50am

Thanks for the comment Garry! Glad to meet a fellow writer appreciating the craft.

Comment by Garry Edward Lewis on May 22, 2013 at 9:05am

It's truly a wonderful stress reliever for me writing. When I'm in the zone so to speak, I'm one with my book and my cast of characters, I love to envision what each character looks like. I pay attention to people out there in the thick of life. I use this when I develop a characters personalities etc.. Living in small towns most of my life, lead me to write my Rileyville Mystery series. Which were my first, and I'm presently in the process of revising them. Due to some positive criticism i received, on some of my titles. It's been a great learning experience for me, and although some reviewers are a little more cruel then others. I appreciate their points of view and advice. As I feel that's truly what makes one a more experienced and talented writer. A frown turned upside down, the more I learn, the more I enjoy writing. It's a hobby for me, and hopefully one my readers will benefit from as well.


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