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"Agathos Kai Sophos" -

The Ecology of Soul. 

Part One.


Images & Prose Copyright:

By:  Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Crafted with soul. x

*Post Updated:: 14th June with professional resource links for Authors.

My reflexive vignette on creativity has been authored in resonance with the community of writers, artists and creative kindred spirits.


*Crafted in support of the launch of Humanitarian Healing Webs

& the organic Gaea Earth Webs.


Iconography of soul.

*Symbol:  *Kundalini Butterfly- summer & autumn plume.


Empowers: Human potential; ecology of soul.


*Symbol:  Kriya Swan & Aphrodite.


Empowers: Emancipation of soul, unconditional love;

A love supreme!

Recognising Creativity....

In the modern world, women are no longer restrained to unpaid labour in the home, undervalued or banished from the natural world. However, most writers & artists can anticipate a life of restraint behind a desktop, with their work being both consumed & critiqued at some stage of their career...  It is my personal ambition to utilise the outreach of Humanitarian Healing webs to support fellow creators in their efforts to craft prose written from the heart.  As a woman writer with a health disability, the welfare of artist and writers is an issue I care passionately about.

Lexis-  Enduring Prose.

The contribution of lexis to culture is simply immense: from sacred theological Biblical prose to philosophy & classics, human kind is interdependent on the written word.  I believe that all writers are communicators and contributors with 'use value'.  Writers need to be more overtly appreciated for our diligent output. Over the past decade alone, the communications revolution has seen a steady decline in commodity value applied to the written word.  One penny classics, free promotions & self-publishing have 'democratised' the industry- doubtless at the expense of those with enduring creative talent... 

The Shadow Self.

The orientation of the media is honed onto 'love your body' culture- alas.  Hence, as a post-graduate student I have spent twenty-one years analysing women's health media!  Women's health media is a contested discursive site.  2018 marks 100 years since women gained the right to even vote.  Contemporary culture is far from egalitarian, yet I have frequently maintained that we are now living in a transitional phase when pragmatic suffrage still exists, in tandem with soul suffrage.  Women and men alike are forever chasing our ideal 'shadow' archetypal selves. The domain of commercial copy devours personal vulnerability, perpetuating daily anxieties regarding the human condition. I believe sincerely that humanity has greater depth & the internet possesses infinite potential as a communicative tool... 

The Kundalini Butterfly.

Humanitarian Healing webs and Gaea Earth webs will be dedicated to exploring the ecology of soul!   Body, mind and spirit are integral, I am committed to exploring the natural ecology of Gaea's very heart and soul; the breath of life that sparks humankind's eternal quest on Earth.

As a best-selling author, my own Labour of Love press is aptly titled.  Even best-selling works do not necessarily gain substantial profit.  Writing needs to be a more viable, 'sustainable' profession for dedicated creative orators- especially those who make a contribution to pivotal domains such as humanitarian education.

The Role of Creators...

Writers & artists represent expressive, archetypal spirits!  Authors mobilise a multiplicity of roles representing the very quintessence of human potential...

We are often both students and teachers- sharing our life long learning experiences.  Writers may be political or cultural orators, valuing humanitarian issues.  Frequently, writers highlight issues pertaining to the ecological crises, cultivating a love of Gaea Earth to support sustainable human progress.  It is always a joy to share diverse initiatives related to organic living...

Writers & artists like to utilise their inner voice or 'Gnosis'- possessing excellent intuition for the vernacular aspects of the experience of simply being ourselves.  Authors might aspire to be mentors or to divulge the most profound challenges experienced in their lives via connecting with others through their craft.  Certainly, I share my values & experiences as a form of catharsis.  Writing doubtless exists in synchronicity with humanistic therapy.

**Kindle books:  Stephanie Lynne Thorburn: 'Poetics of Spirit'.

By:  'Labour of Love' titles. x x


Question for

What is the most crucial aspect of the role of writers & artists in our multi-modal digital age?

We have soul!  We are emancipated free spirits.  As Plato would voice, writers & artists celebrate the beauty of soul- "Agathos Kai Sophos". See:

Etymology- Agathos Kai Sophos

Embracing the virtues of wisdom, honesty and goodness...


Part Two "Agathos Kai Sophos" will shortly be published. 

The work explores Gaia Gnosticism, featuring prose/ artwork on the Greek origins of 'Gaea' Earth. 

This growing collection represents a true artists labour of love!

Author's Key Links.

**Kindle books:  Stephanie Lynne Thorburn: 'Poetics of Spirit'.

- Soul Chakra: -

Stephanie Lynne's books on Kindle feature 'Incendiary Soul' and 'Healing Sans Frontiers'.

'Healing Sans Frontiers' provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of 'Soul Chakra'- the 8th Chakra identified by Stephanie.

Soul Chakra relates to Gaia's primal elements of earth, air, fire & water; the Greek four humors.  Soul Chakra integrates the body, mind & spirit

and is visible within the quintessence of our living aura.


- Nascent Web Domains in development.

Humanitarian Healing Webs


Gaea Earth Webs:

Sincere thank you to:  Webs Web domains.  x


Goldsmiths College Alumni:  'Progressive Etudes'.

Overview of writer & artist Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

(Stephanie's post-graduate research is detailed in this post.)

Goldlink- Stephanie Lynne's Labour of Love titles.



Resource Links:

***Humanistic, spiritual therapies...

Crossroads Centre, Antigua:

I have supported Eric Clapton's Crossroads Centre for many

years in relation to my charity work for Dr. David English's initiatives.

*Dr. David English and Bill Wyman have contributed some wonderfully insightful Forewords/ Prefaces to my Kindle books...

We have enjoyed some timeless afternoons of sport & fund raising for charities including E.C.'s Crossroads. x


Crossroads Clinic, Antigua assists those with addictive dependencies,

wishing to seek peace through integrated spiritual & humanistic therapies.


Uniting faith from the East & West,

focusing on the values of spiritual community:


Professional Writers Resource Links:


The Chartered Institute of Journalists (UK)

Founded in 1884, CIOJ is an independent organisation, promoting high standards and ethics throughout the profession. 
Authors Licensing & Collecting Society:
I have been a member of ALCS for many years.  The organisation are dedicated to
ensuring writers are paid for their professional copy writing.  ALCS also offer outreach educational initiatives regarding licensing and copyright issues.
Education for Authors
& Gaia Sustainability.
I can certainly recommend Goldsmiths College's many courses for writers, including their MA for writer-educators.  Further I am a member of University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education, reflecting my support of CPD. 
It was through Cambridge ICE that I became familiar with the work of their Botanic Gardens.  The Botanic Gardens support a range of sustainability projects and host some fascinating lecture on a plurality of intricate ecological topics! 
University of Cambridge Botanic Gardens

Featured Charity:  Lupus UK.

I am a Lupus sufferer; a majority of Lupus disorders affect women.

More diverse treatments and diagnostic tools are needed....

Thank you!

Rev. Dr. Stephanie Lynne, June 2018. Blog. x

Image: The Ecology of Soul.




Stephanie Lynne- Portfolio.


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