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'Thor: Earth's Force Majeure'.

Prose & Images: 

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Prose & Art:  Labour of love titles.

Copyright:  Stephanie Lynne Thorburn 2018.



   The below text offers a precis of my forthcoming biography of Thor, the traditional Norse God of thunder, lightening & fertility.  My work imparts an insight into Thor's   reciprocity with the electromagnetic universe.  Biographic prose are followed by illustrated intrafocal meditation empowerments, immersing the reader in Thor's elemental world of cathartic Karma.... 

  The elemental ental empowerments highlight Thor's primal majesty, reigning eternally as Earth's Force Majeure.  Thor is Gaia's most protective, courageous son.

*Once published, this work on the Legend of Thor will shortly be added to my Kindle

collection of primed creative & organic digital titles: See-

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn: Kindle Titles.

Biography of Thor is dedicated to David Thorburn & Cliff Thorburn,

(Pictured with Stephanie Lynne, Herts. 2011, Snooker Legends).

- Cliff Thorburn as we shall see, is integral to the living legacy

of Thor's Viking spirit! x



  Thor is a Norse warrior God represented as a tangible, visceral presence.  He embodies the physical, elemental forces active in energy healing.  As a writer, artist and Reiki energy healer, Thor's persona is linked as a fractal twin force of nature to my own heart.  I am after all, a 'Thorburn' of Viking descent.  Thor is my lifeblood.

Thor's Persona:

Thor defends ‘Logos’; the divine, male organisational principles that underlies creation.  He is a galvanising archetype integrating body, mind and spirit. Thor as a God of thunder and lightning, orchestrates the symbolic overcoming of negative energies, pervading positive karmic goodness.

 My work on the legend of Thor is designed to highlight his unique role as a spiritual ‘Godhead’ genre archetype.  The illustrated meditations included in this work are integral to my nascent Reiki modality “Gaia Gnosticism”, offering a form of “Intra-focal” healing. (1) 


Thor’s Hammer-

The ‘elemental empowerments’ credit the true maker of Thor’s Hammer 'Mjolnir' as the divine Master craftsman.


Key Concepts: 

Logos, loyalty, empowerment, courage, freedom, self-realisation.

Creative Unity-


the ubiquitous elemental force of divine spirit, transcending religious creed.


Mantra:Look Deeper”. 


Thor is an arch defender of the Platonic transcendental ideals:  especially karmic justice!


Thor: -

Loyal Spiritual Warrior, Elemental Protagonist.

A Traditional Norse God.

  The legend of Thor dates back to the Viking era. Thor’s tale is a Norse, Germanic myth; yet his legend possesses diverse geographical outreach and a timeless appeal.  The mythological story of Thor may be appreciated at two levels- as historical discourse and secondly, in relation to the forces of the organic electro-magnetic universe… 


Thor is a Pagan legend, a Norse God representing a polytheistic tradition, prior to the advent of emerging Christianity.  Thor’s ultimate demise metaphorically marks the beginning of Christian monotheistic theology, in contrast with the more conceptually fecund domain of Pagan mythological discourse.  Thor embodies the forces of moral righteousness- he is a light conductive being, physically robust & courageous, constructed in empathy with the Messianic demeanour of Christ.  He is a formidable elemental force offering courage and loyalty to those who need comfort or defense.  His physical strength was unmatched whilst in possession of both his belt and iconic hammer 'Mjolnir'

Thor conducts the natural forces of thunder, lightning, wind and rain. He is a seminal warrior of spirit.  As a Reiki energy Master, he assists in overcoming the war of mind over matter, soul over mortal fears.  Thor empowers inner potential to enable overcoming of practical, physical and emotional limits to human growth.

See:  Norse Deities- Thor, Odin, Loki.



  1. Gnosticism – introduction & overview.


The existential aspects of Gaia meditations share a degree of reciprocity with Gnostic perspectives regarding the wisdom of mythological discourse. Gaia meditations are poetic, seeking to stretch the creative imagination, nurturing a direct relationship between the perceiver & the one divine spirit.





Gaia Meditations.

‘Life of Thor’-


This series of meditations is designed to offer reciprocity with 'Thor', the Norse God of Thunder, commander of divine grace. Thor is a seminal spiritual warrior par excellence.

For those seeking to activate Thor’s assistance, it would first be beneficial to experience the world through Thor’s eyes.  The below meditations celebrate Thor’s elemental ‘Baptism of Fire’.  Each visual meditation is designed to acquaint the student with the formidable essence of Thor’s Hammer. Thor’s candid meditations offer a glimpse into his majestic aura using the conduit of Mother Earth’s natural elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water… These iconic meditations utilise a form of elemental animism.

The elemental images in this collection are thus imbued with divine spirit and embed with mesmeric resonance.  The meditations offer ‘intrafocal’ identification with nature’s innate healing majesty.  The vibrant colours empower strength & vigour into the heart of the recipient! 

The Elemental Empowerments illustrated in these visual meditations stimulate the seven energetic Chakras organically..


The IntraFocal Empowerments.

 Thor’s Meditations.

Thor's Hammer is blessed with the seminal divine spirit of Karmic will.

*  These empowerments represent humanity’s personal quest for inner truth, clarity & enlightenment.



Thor’s Tale- Finding Voice…


 “I am Thor.  I am the custodian of the electromagnetic universe.

I am transmutation!  I conduct plasma, electrons and ice crystals.

I work in duality with Mother Nature:  I form a kinaesthetic, visceral connection on Earth. 

I am both auditory and visual.  I am mindful sentience-  I strike through the

soul of human kind.

I implode through the heart of creation forever present in the eternal now!

I am catharsis.


-Intext citation:  Lightening- Illustrative Summary.



You may see an image of me carved from Oak, (as above)

This is an image of me captured through the myth of David & Goliath- I form the Golden Elixir within the light aura. ۝

*Within these visual meditations you will meet with the Mother of all creation & emotion.

You will weave a new tapestry of life, you will become an original thinker, an actor in

the co-production of the mortal ‘Race for Life’.   

Grasp my ethereal Hammer Mjolnir and together we will transmute

through the elemental world to complete Thor's 'Baptism of Fire'!


Closure- End of Sample Text.


Stephanie Lynne has authored many original works for Kindle,

forming multi-modal vignettes- her titles unify body, mind, spirit & grace.

*For her books, complete with complementary Kindle previews, see:

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn: Kindle Titles.


References/ Organic Resources: -

Thor- The Original Mythological Tale:

Exploring Norse Mythology- Thor Fiery God of Thunder.

Explorer Series- Jan 2018.

The traditional tale of Thor is epicurean.  Thor is depicted as courageous, yet ill tempered, with a hunger for autocratic rule & gluttony.  His servant Loki embodies Jung’s archetypal ‘joker’. 



  • The below tales focus on Thor’s loyalty & his courage in defeating the mighty serpent of Midgard.

Thor- Traditional Norse Tale.



Norse Mythology- Gods & Creatures website precis: 

Legend of Thor:

Norse Mythology- Gods.


*Recommended Specialist Text:

The Viking Spirit- An Introduction to Norse Mythology & Religion”.

Kindle Edition- By:  Daniel McCoy. (Text not dated- timeless!)

Viking Spirit Daniel McCoy.


Jungian Psychology.

 “Ecopsychology- Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind”.

Authored by Theodore Roszack, with significant contributions reflecting Jungian theory.  This work represents a classic text in the domain of ‘eco-studies’, promoting education upholding the precepts of sustainable environmental living. 

Original 1995 Sierra Book Club edition, with co-authored content.

See: Ecopsychology- Principles and Philosophies.


*Highly recommended ecrits...

Jung, Carl.G. ‘Earth Has a Soul’- Jung’s writing on the dual dichotomy of humanity’s disharmonious relationship with nature & technology. 

2002 Compendium of works is edited by Meredith Sabini, North Atlantic Books.  See:

 'Earth Has a Soul'- Carl Jung- Compendium Edition.




Image'Thor:  Earth's Force Majeure'-

will shortly be added to Rev. Dr. Stephanie Lynne's

Kindle catalogue. 

Preview courtesy of blogs.

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn, July 2018. x

Authored with spirit.

*This title is written in harmony with the formation of

Stephanie Lynne's Gaea Earth Webs.


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