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Trump is upset and raging about the criminal element that will come into our country because in an Immigration department memo regarding 50,308 “inadmissible” illegal aliens that cross our border a day! The bill to build his sacred cow wall to prevent entry was cut short by the Democratic house refusing to fund it.

In a vengeful stance Trump shuts down the government.


“The 1984 summer Olympics in Los Angles was boycotted by the Soviets. Even our close friend southern ally and neighbor Mexico didn’t send teams, why?

Because every Mexican that could run, jump or swim was already in Los Angles!”

Here’s a story; my favorite Uncle was a produce grower in Mexico. He had a long conversation with a fellow grower, Jose. His family had my Uncle over for dinner at his hacienda in Jasave. The hot spicy food was excellent and served in a large atrium with banana and papaya trees. Uncle Roy talked about the sophistication of Americas upcoming elections; “with 90 million voters we know the results the same night.” Jose was unimpressed “we know six months beforehand!”

Being a proud third generation Tucson native I once glimpsed a cars bumper sticker I thought amusing, reeked of pride “I am not a Hispanic, not a Latino, I’m a Mexican!”

I have Mexican relatives one is only half Mexican. Mexicans have a bad reputation in America. Site cousin; “I’m not Mexican! My Dad is!”

There has been more resentment by both groups partly because the Mexicans were in my southwest section of the country here first! Mexican immigrate legal or not do some things that seem strange to Americans. They gather outside to converse and socialize and will sit in their cars with visitors to their residence instead of going inside the house are seemingly immune to the summer’s heat. Warm climates bred dark skinned people. They have more pigment in their skins acclimated over generations. Had a girlfriend with olive skin; “and they have dark skin, yeech!”


In the old days peasants did the farm labor now we have in the US migrant workers who are aliens some illegal. Mexico is where most of them come from. Mexico should be a rich nation you can grow anything there. There is silver, copper, phosphate, zinc, tungsten, molybdenum, mercury, gold and a vast amount of petroleum.

Even so, there are the filthy rich and the impoverished peons with no chance of upward mobility. The government is democratic on paper, but corrupt through and through.

The Peons are underpaid. They are exploited by terrible working conditions. They immigrate and when in a supervisory position treat their employees same as the as if they were in Mexico. Proposed on entry they are taught American workers rights.

Well I believe America has enough people however the very foundation of the country was and remains immigration. Trump’s controversial idea of a wall to curb what he referred to as “criminal elements” among the especially Mexican illegal immigrates, 10.3 million and 57% of total. America harbors about a million legal immigrates a year and is known as a rich land of plenty.

Mexico is where I’ll concentrate although there are political immigrates from Guatemala and Honduras. Refugees especially from Syria, racism prevails in immigration just as even the White Irish of note were cried out as Mics they had a reputation of poverty and though they were willing to take demeaning work had troubles landing a job.

True to their nature the Americans 1954’s operation called the derogatory “wet back” have tried lots of different approaches even a guest worker idea.

If Mexico would with its oil proceeds received from the US currently $6.9 billion is paid at twice the going rate and use the excess profit to teach English in their adequate schools and education process, adequate because they come here literate. For the Americans part to include mandatory Spanish, the way about 390 million people of the western hemisphere speak, write and think. If America was serious about assimilation we would be a bi-lingual society. The excess oil profits spent for Mexico to add English subtitles to our Telemundo broadcasts the ones that come here could learn English subliminally.

They come here to work and make in a day at minim wage 8 hours $58 more than what they’d earn in a week at Mexico’s $26.20. They send much of the money back to the home they love and make trips back to visit family and friends they miss.

As for Trumps unworkable wall; analogous to Israel with the Palestinians and Apartheid South Africa Bantus citizens who are made unwanted immigrants in their own nation. Similarities to Nazi Germanys Jews with arm bands they have or had license plates and necklace IDs to identify themselves for the government officials and general public to harass. It went so far in South Africa as to incinerate by placing a rubber tire around their neck and torching it and the victim, called lacing or necklacing by the perpetrators. Both in Israel and South Africa the unwanted flesh and blood people are banned from some areas and segregated from the bigots to condition future generations to disdain, contempt and hate.

A Mexican citizen described it as a nation rich in culture and natural resources when I mentioned they were poor.

There are mostly religious groups declaring “no person is illegal”, the dreamers, dreaming on of citizenship to be with their children as are born American citizens.

Propose something akin to an American marrying and moving to Britain dual citizenship. Immigrants are entitled to have all the rights with freedom and justice of Americans and have the right to go home.

As for the criminals, simple change extradition laws!


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