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I'm new here, so forgive me if I'm overlooking the answer to my question. But is there a way to add my Twitter & blog info on my page? I'm assuming it makes sense for us to be able to follow each other in that way, as it would enable me to lead others to you and vice versa.


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Hi Peg, first of all welcome aboard! :) I don't think there's a specific slot but there's not a character limit as far as I'm aware in the profile information's Favorite Author slot. Since that's the last part of that section, I'd add it in there.


There's also a thread in this Group where you can add your Twitter and Facebook details.


There's also options to connect your Twitter and Facebook account with in the Connections section under your Profile Information. I've never used it though. If you do, please come back to this thread and share how it works. :)


You could also add your blog's RSS feed URL. You'll see the RSS option in the left hand sidebar of your profile page. Just click the +Add RSS under the RSS heading.  





Peg, I just remembered there's a text box option on your profile page too where you can add HTML, so your links could go in there. Sorry! It slipped my mind because it's been so long since I set my own up. That's probably the easiest way. :)

Thanks so much! I appreciate the help.


i just put up a blog of all my links so people could find me. i hope this helps.


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