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It would be nice if we could help each other by following on Twitter or liking on Facebook. Please list your accounts below. Those willing to join in can follow the others that do and they will return the favor. Easy and we all benefit.


Please only do so if you're going to play fair! One Twitter account and one Facebook account each please as most people only have one of both. Pick the main one you'd like them to follow. And remember to come back and make sure you've followed newcomers that posted after you did if you don't get email notifications of new posts to the Group.


I just have my Twitter account at the moment as I'm going to set up a Facebook fan page for The Cuckleburr Times which I'll add later so here it is. :)


I'm @CuckleburrTimes on Twitter


Thank you! Don't forget the ones too. Either click the buttons on the right of this page under Follow Us! or use these links.



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I am on facebook -

I have not ventured into twitter yet. 


I added you all...


here are mine:

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook author



Gotcha Mariah!

Mariah de la Croix said:

I'm on Facebook -

On Twitter I am @MariahsVisions -!/mariahsvisions

Thank you. :)

Here is how to connect with me everywhere:

Hi Guys & Gals :).



YouTube Channel


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