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Fellow Authors,

    I ran my first book promotion last November and was quickly overwhelmed with the number of book promotions services out there.  I ended up going with Books Butterfly, AwesomeGang, Robin Reads, Fussy Librarian, eReaderGirl, and Buck Books.

During a 3 day free promotion, I got over 3,300 downloads and hit #1 on several free categories on Amazon (including Inspirational, Christian Living, Apologetics, Theology, and Philosophy). 

I ran two more promotions--one at $2.99, and one at $0.99--with mixed results (and a lot less downloads).

I'm running the last 2 days of my KDP free days for this period in January, and I tried to do some research before selecting my services.

As I searched the forum on Kboards, I saw how much authors appreciated it when other authors posted their results from their stacked promotions.

As a result, I started creating a DATABASE OF BOOK PROMOTION RESULTS from authors.

Now my goal is to make it the most valuable resource on the web for authors to see how others have done with these services.

If you have run a book promotion, I would love for you to add your data, and I'm sure others would, too!

It's called IndieListers and you can find it at

You can add your results to this thread, too, but it's much easier at IndieListers ;)

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I sometimes have trouble with webpages and this one seems to be one of them. I ran my kindle books for free last week and seemed to have some fairly good results. Not sure what kind of information you're looking for.


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