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As this is the Marketing and Promotion section, I think we should help ourselves out here first! Show off your blog or website and get feedback on it. If you dare. :)

It can be great to have fresh eyes look at what you're doing and see if there are any new ideas to be shared that would help drive traffic and/or increase sales.

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My website is I'm a new author, I just published myfirst book No Place Like Home last week. My book is about a young man (Jimmy Matthews) who has his whole life unfolding just as he always pictured it, when life throws him a curve ball. Suddenly everything he worked so hard for seems to be lost and he has to start all over from the bottom. Along his way he meets a young physical therapist (Nancy) who helps him realize that there is more to life than baseball. Together they climb their way back to the top and find each other along the way.

For the summer months I am offering my book for sale from my website -> <- It can be found on Amazon both as a regular book and as an eBook, but if you buy it from me, I'll sign it before sending it out.

I also blog about the writing tips and tricks I've picked up along the way. I generally post about what has recently stuck in my brain. I plan to post more frequently than in the past; we'll see how that works out. Check it out here ->

My blog novel is now complete -> <- proceeds from my book sales or from the donation button here will go toward getting this book a new cover as well as published into a real book.

If you are at all curious about my life in the wilderness of Alaska, check out my personal blog -> <- where every day is an adventure.

Hope to see you all here, there or anywhere.

Happy writing

I have a website for my books. You can find all my books and information about me and my books, where to purchase them or questions as well as a blog to read what i am doing as of lately. I lok forward to coments or ideas on how to improve my sales.

I just sold my second book through my website. Woohoo


Anna L. Walls said:

I just sold my second book through my website. Woohoo
Thanks - it's very exciting. I now have money in my PayPal account and can buy something from Amazon, which will allow me to do a bunch of other things there too.

Hey all, I'm new to the website. I'm loving it so far. I write a lot of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, all of which I promote on my site at . I also sell merchandise from that site that relates directly to my books (clocks, ipod cases, and the like). Feel free to explore and enjoy. 

Hey, Matthew. Welcome. Your little corner looks pretty good.

Well, my marketing strategy is kind of a snow ball.  I have a website, that is morphing into a publishing company rather than a web design company(although I still do that too).  Then I have a book I published, "Judge a Book by its Cover, How to design a great ebook cover" that is FREE for the next 3 days that sort of, in a round about way, promotes my cover design and publishing business. 

(I know my forms are not working on the site currently, working with mailchimp to fix the issue)

This discussion started out many, many moons ago but I figure, What the heck. I'm the new kid on the block so I have the entire floor when it comes to inviting myself into a great deal of shameful embarrassment- So, here goes. I began this website as a 'freebie' about 3 years ago and now that my book is published, I paid for the domain and now pay monthy for the Gold package. I hope my site is as 'soft' to the eyes, as I hoped it was going to be. Any input is greatly appreciated. I have dealt with many rejective (not sure that's a word) publishers, so you aren't going to force me under a moving bus or anything.

Welcome Kirk. Nice website. Hope you get some returns on your investment.

Nice website, Alfred. Welcome to the forum.


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