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Writer’s Digest has again assembled its annual short list of literary agents who’ve confirmed they’re open to reviewing queries from new and established authors alike.

I hope at least one of these agents will be of interest to you all. :)

24 Agents Who Want Your Work

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Thanks, I hope so.
Thank You. I sent query's already.
You're welcome, Anna and Michael! You never know your luck. :) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you both. Keep us posted if you hear anything back please.
I would love to run across such a person. I'd really like to get an agent. I need that kind of help, but I'm not holding my breath, just keeping a eye pealed.

Pauline Rogers said:
I would like to learn more about literary agents open to reading and reviewing books from first time authors. I like the reply that Anna wrote...she said...Life is too short to be waiting on an agent. That's the truth.
I am really looking for a publicist for my recent book which is God Is Healing Me From the Inside Out! I would like you to review my wepage and you can find the book online store. There are copies of the insert available if you pull up the name on webpage:


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