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Is there anywhere that people post their own works of fiction (short pieces, excerpts, etc.) for comment/feedback/exposure - besides their own blog?  I provide links to my blog through things like Book Blogs, Good Reads, and here when appropriate (mostly for book reviews, since there is a dedicated group for that), and have used the free version of Authors Den to post some as well, but wondered if there were other sites people knew of or suggestions on how to get your words in front of people in venues other than your own blog...  


I worry about posting too much, of course (who will buy the cow if the milk is free applies in this context in a funny way, don't you think??), but also have spoken with a couple of people who have ended up with publishing and freelance opportunities as a result of their work being seen online, and can't decide how to walk the line between making things available and saving yourself for publication...


Thanks - looking forward to any thoughts anyone may have!



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It's winging it's way to you now. Enjoy.

Jill Elizabeth Arent said: - thank you!!

Anna L. Walls said:
Aw - but it's so simple there's the archive thingy on the right side. I even numbered the chapters to make it simpler. Click on the little triangle to get the dropdown Table of Contests and just click your way to the top. I'll be happy to send you the book though, if you like. What's your email?

Jill Elizabeth Arent said:
would you be willing to send me a file of everything you've posted to date?  It's tough to scroll through older post page after older post page to get to the beginning/read the whole thing...  (yes, I AM a bit lazy, sorry! - plus tech hates me, so one file is less likely to result in me tearing my own hair out.  teehee)

Anna L. Walls said:
That'd be awesome - - hope you like it.

Jill Elizabeth Arent said:
That's great - thank you so much Anna!!  I will definitely check it out.  And for what it's worth, I'd be happy to read your chapters and comment either serially or on the entire thing once it's available...  

Anna L. Walls said:
There is a great writing contest. The competition is really stiff so don't go there trying to win cause it's really hard, but the feedback is absolutely awesome, REALLY helpful. Go to and register, it's free. I forget the numbers but you enter the first sample of your book and then for every sample of someone else's you read, you earn a point. And for every point you earn, someone else will read and rate your sample. It is required that they write something as well and no one likes a flamer so the feedback is really great. I haven't had the time to participate in a while, but I recommend it. There's also a forum if there's something you simply don't understand, you can open a topic and ask or maybe it's already been asked.

Take a look at

I joined his week and will soon be posting.




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