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These are my favorite subjects and I love talking about them.  If anyone has a question, I'd be thrilled to try to answer it.  In most of my books, Swords are prevalent so I've done a lot of research, plus I know someone who teaches it for a living and he's done a wonderful job of answering some of my inane questions.  I also grew up around horses and I think I've explored a good deal to do with them.  Then there's magic:  That is also prevalent in my books; I've taken great pleasure in experimenting with different rules. 

The discussion is open - Let's hear it for fiction.

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Sounds like we have alot in common my first book will be realeased very soon and the name of it is Mages and Soldiers.
Cool! So tell me a little about it - if you're inclined.
Interesting topic! What are your weapons of choice then Anna and Sean and what made you choose those? Are they real or fictitious?
For me it's a gee I wish sort of thing but my characters mostly use a straight double-edged sword and occasionally the claymore style.
my choice of weapons for my characters varies greatly but the two handed broad sword and staff are my two most common. some of my characters use dual swords as well. with the exception of the staff which are magical in nature I would think most sword types would have been found in the middle ages.
I know I'm about 6 months late to this discussion, here goes.  Who knows, maybe this will get the conversation going again.  A lot of what I know about magic and weaponry comes from years of playing Dungeons & Dragons.  In fact, Darithye, the world in which my first book, DARK VENGEANCE, is set was originally created for D&D.  After long years, I decided my world should be shared with the real world.  For reasons unknown to me, I love the scimitar.  Maybe it's just the name.....scimitar.  That said, I try to spread it around, so my stories tend to feature several different types of weapons.  Another fave of mine is the bardiche, which is basically a giant axe.  One thing I love about magic is the fact that you can pretty much write your own rules.

Hello Buster. I love Dungeons & Dragons, though I haven't played in years, not since the kids moved to town. Kinda hard to play with just two, especially when computer games are the main competition. Tried playing over the phone but it didn't really work out that well. I still use many of the little background rules in making some of the decisions in my story, such as how long it takes to travel somewhere. That's really a handy little table.


Magic - I totally love playing with different rules and making myself obey them.

I also love magic, supernatural, sophisticated horrors which involved extreme scenes. By the way, i would like to find out from you how far we are supposed to travel while creating worst horrors with extremely graphic scenes, too shocking.

I may not be the one to ask this, but horror is very fast paced. Minutes are what are being counted, so distances would be very short.

Thanks so much, Mariah. I'll have to check out that link. I, of course, write fiction, and I use a lot of D&D information, but I like my weapons to be as accurate as possible.

I looked into the link and didn't find any forums. It was interesting though. The original name for Alaska - I never would have guessed. Lots of awesome history - food for some future story, I'm sure. haha

I've just started to write my novel a few weeks ago so I will most likely have some questions for you because it will have both swords and magic.  I think its interesting that you mention the different rules of magic.  This is something I've been thinking about with my story.  There has to be a limit or consequence to using magic.  Hope to be in contact with you, Anna.


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