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Hey One and All!


I think it would be real neat if we all got in the chat room together this coming weekend.  I propose that we have a "brass tacks" chat--about submission formatting, proofreading, editing and the lot.  Also, it would be a very good forum for all of us to network our work and our contacts. 


My suggestion is that we hold the first of such on Saturday, March 20.  Considering the various time zones we are all in, let's feedback about the best time.  I work in Eastern Standard (U.S.).  I know some you work in extremely different time zones.  So let's try to work it out!  Most of us probably can chat on a Saturday, it's just a matter of what time.  I think that the most neutral time would be around 1200hrs, EST; however, if anyone feels that earlier or later would be better, pipe in and we can work it out. 


I think this would be a fun, informative and productive meeting of the minds.  If we can get it together, we could find a way to make it a regular thing.


My Best,

Mark A. Santomieri


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Good idea! Unfortunately I have plans. A weekend afternoon is too early for me anyway. Evenings are much better once all the family needs and chores are attended to so I can relax and enjoy it. Hope it all comes together. You might be able to get a good idea on what times suit most from the other I'm in chat thread and who would be interested.
Sorry Mark, I was busy and didn't know. How did it go? That would have been a great topic too.

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