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I want
With a little cloud in my sky
A drop of rain
A handful of mud
The earth damp, yet dry.

I want
With a drop of a spoon
A clink of the forks
A broken plate
Yesterday's leftover food.

I want
With a ray of the sun
A dazzling morning
A broken dream
The sound of my clock's alarm.

I want
With a walk around our place
A gentle tug
A warm hug
A smile on your face.

I want
With a bruise in there
A feel
mark left here.

I want
To leave
And, to live on
With just you in my dreams...

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I like it. I think that the mind has to grab hold of the concept, but once I started the inward observation, it was touching. What is the inspiration for this one?

I love it! It's very indepth and one of those things that tests your knowledge, and aren't those always the best?! :)


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