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Give a virtual stocking stuffer this year! Our three e-books and "Writing Tips for a Year" are 30% off through January 1, 2010.

Visit or to purchase using the coupon code BLITZEN.

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Good luck with your sale, David. Coupon codes were the next greatest invention after the Net. I'm giving this a boost as there's only three days remaining for any latecomers to take advantage of this.
Thanks, Scribbler. We have sold quite a few books over the past month, but some people aren't using the coupon code--so let me say it again: Enter code BLITZEN (and hit update) to receive the discount.

This discount is a great way to get a lot of writing instruction easily and cheaply. For example: 100 Days to Better Writing contains nearly 200 pages of writing instruction (not pictures, stories, graphics, white space, etc.) for under 15 bucks-30% off makes this a really great deal. At full price, it's a good deal; discounted it's a great deal.

We know that many people are not ready to engage the professional editing services we provide. Instead, they want to learn how to write well, which is great, too. These writing resources are for those people who want to learn how to do what we do.

(I recommend people first pick up the free e-book on writing strategies:

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