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What software do you use to keep a visual track of plot, characters and events?

Hi fellow authors,


I'm about to embark on research for an historical character and because I'm a visual learner I'd like to SEE the various threads to the story/research.


I'm just wondering if any members are using a particular software as part of their writing research and which they'd recommend?


Best Wishes,





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I've heard good things about yWriter, Geoff. It's free too and could be ideal for you. There's also a video tutorial link there that will give you a better idea how it works.

Thanks Scribbler, will check it out.

I've also come across Mindnode, but the free package is a bit too limited for my needs. I'll check out yWriter!

Thanks and Have a great Christmas,


Evernote and marble notebooks. I'll sometimes cut the pages out of the marble and scan them to evernote.

I am inches away for paying for an account with evernote...inches...just not ready to take that plunge yet. The free service is just so incredible I don't want to buy it and then realize it has nothing extra that I will use.

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