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I read a story today about how Ayn Rand accepted government handouts in her last days despite railing against them in her books.


Does that make her a hypocrite? Read the article and see what you think.


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No, I don't think it does. She probably paid plenty in taxes over her lifetime and was entitled to get that so why not? She was old, and she was sick. I would never have grudged anyone in that position getting help, no matter their political leanings.

aahhh, scribbler...can always count on you for a great one. Brings to my mind Kay's discussion of FAVORITE of my personal favorites..."Circumstances dictate". Not to say circumstance rules my life...but I take it into consideration for....other's(my) contradictions?? 

I am, not by choice or college or talent, a mortgage broker. I'm being taxed and regulated out of business. I, umm, would love 'retraining handout money' for a hiatus to finish my book's publishing. I did the work and feel it's ready but since Barney Frank or the IRS or EDD can't tax it, fine it or encumber it with Worker's Comp, don't think it will happen. Not in the United States yet...headed for Socialism but not there yet thank God.

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