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I was wondering if anyone on Authors has a facebook. I don't have a myspace or anything, but it'd be cool to have some friends on facebook!

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Anyone from is welcome on my facebook.

my Twitter is @grumphspawn or less used @seanfms

Will join others facebooks etc once a get five minutes to myself... large work schedule, which I mustget back to now.!/pages/The-First-30-Days-to-Serenity-The-Essential-Guide-to-Staying-Sober/172088846167750

This is the FB page for the book I'm working on with Super Star ...

Margi Taber
My name is Garry E. Lewis fictional author I have a face book page, as well as a my space.
Hi! I'm on Facebook.

Susanna Lucas said:
Hi! I'm on Facebook.

hey Callie! ive got a facebook, and i have no freinds on it exepct my mom..... sad i know but its the truth. so i would love to have you as my freind on facebook. reply back to me on my page... just leave a comment and ill add you as a friend!!!!!! could you do me a favore? forget about my only freind on face book is my mom, please

from, halim

I would love to have Author friends!  My facebook page is:

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