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Don't want to sell my book... just want to print 30 copies

My 94 year old father and I just finished the 17th and final edit of a fictional work. All he wants is to print 30 B/W copies with a B/W cover, perfect bind. Does anyone have a suggestion of where I can start my search? Time is running out and I really need to accomplish this task.

Thank you.

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Submit a query letter (as if you are looking to publish as an established or first-time author) to Publish America.  They will accept and publish your book at no cost to you, you will receive up to 40 copies of the book free with option to buy additional copies when wanted.  Their website is


This is NOT a good publisher for anyone looking to "make it" as an author.


Good luck!


Check the online Yellow Pages for printers in your area. You may find one willing to do a small print run. Get several quotes before committing to anything. The benefit of the online Yellow Pages is it often gives their website address, so you can type up a general enquiry and copy/paste it into their contact forms or email it.


Alternatively, check out this thread which offers suggestions.


On Marti's suggestion: I would read about them extensively before considering them, not just what's on their own website. Google the company name to ensure you make an informed decision. There are members here that have been disappointed by their dealings with PA and have posted about it. 

You have two choices where you will not be gouged. offers a hard bound Ambassador book for under $10 a copy


you can buy a press yourself that uses a plastic sleeve and heat seals your 8 & 1/2 x 11 softcover paperback.

I use both and have used them for years.

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