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I'm working with Super Star who authored The First 30 Days to Serenity.  We are looking into book reviews.  We have set an official publication date of September 2011 however have sold some books.  Will this interfere in getting reivews?  Also I'm curious if there is a specific place we should seek a review for a book of this topic - it's on addiction and early recovery.




Margi Taber


The First 30 Days to Serenity


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Margi, I think it's better to ask reviewers to hold back on publishing their reviews until about a month before the official launch. If you have them post reviews now, there will be no buzz around the time of the launch. You want to create buzz at the official launch time.


Plus if there are any negative ones, it can really put buyers off. When a buyer has a dozen reviewer's opinions to read at Amazon for example, a single bad one doesn't carry the same weight if it's 1 out of 12 instead of 1 out of 1. That's why most reviews all come out at once. Publishers understand that principle and share the review books all roughly at the same time to cover both bases: create a buzz as readers see the name cropping up repeatedly within a short space of time, and to negate any negative feedback (which happens to the best of books. You can't please everyone). I would ask them all to hold off and publish their reviews on or after the first week of  August since you go live in September.


I can't think of a specific place for such reviews. You could ask a professional that's related to the field such as an addiction counselor or therapist of a popular site that would cover such topics. Psych Central springs to mind. I know they do a Book of the Month review. You could read some of those reviews and contact the reviewer that appeals to you via their own site. It's usually listed at the end.

Thanks so much scribbler!


Margi, I would add your request to the Book Reviews Group here too and you might get lucky with one of its subscribers. Many people that enjoy reading reviews are keen to write them too. :)

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