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Attention! Needs Your Help - Spread the Word About!

We're very proud of our community and would love to make it bigger and better for all of us. To do that, we need our members to take an active role in that growth and help us spread the word. Please help us!


So what benefits can members expect to reap from helping grow its membership?


Increased Exposure to a Larger Audience

The larger is, the more exposure your book and writing gets. Sure, you can visit a few small forums and connect with other writers. Alternatively you can do so right here in one fell swoop and connect with our  community of over a thousand members. We offer so much more than a forum alone can do! If you want more people to be aware of who you are and what you do, this is the right spot to do that. You have many different  sections where you can interact with our membership base. Take advantage of them!


Increased Activity

With increased membership numbers comes increased activity.  A vibrant community is a healthy community! To achieve that, we need our members to share their experiences and be regular posters here. We have an  enormous pool of knowledge here and we want that pool to become even larger. We want to be the "go-to" place online where all an author's needs can be fulfilled. We're mulling over new ideas all the time  (such as a Group where services can be requested) to make that happen. Additional members will boost activity and keep our community fresh.


Increased Diversity

If you live in a small town all your life, you're not exposed to new experiences in the same way that you would be living in a large metropolis. It's the same with online communities. The more expansive a community and  diverse its membership, the more frequently you will come across new thoughts, ideas and opinions. "Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions" said Oliver Wendell Holmes. Members  from all walks of life and professions enhance diversity within a community and that's a good thing.  Even within a niche writing community such as ours there are many already: authors, writers, publishers, poets, book  readers, agents and editors and so on. Within that it can be further broken down to those interested in different genres or that are here to improve their writing skills for example. Members join for all different reasons and  that individuality they bring with them enriches the community every time someone new signs up.


Increased Networking Possibilities has over 1100 members currently. In a community of that size, the odds are good that you'll find members to network with. If it's a two thousand strong one, the odds improve in your favor. Chances are you'll  not get so lucky in a smaller one and those odds will diminish accordingly. The more members we have, the more opportunity is there for you to gain additional social media followers and ultimately to convert some of those  into sales. You can also build business relationships more easily whether you're a buyer or a seller when you have an existing membership group to tap into. All in all, it simplifies the marketing side for you.


Building Friendships

Of course it's not all about sales. Authors and others in writing related industries understand each other on a level that leaves non-creatively inclined people bemused. Close lasting friendships can be forged in large  communities where common interests are shared. The joy of a large online community is that you don't have to live next door or even in the same hemisphere. The bigger we are, the more likely you would find friends that  understand and appreciate your creative fire.


Have a Bigger Community Voice is and always will be a community driven site. We're inspired and motivated by our members' voices as our regulars know. That's why we introduced a Suggestions and Feedback thread on the forum. We listen to, consider and implement your ideas, suggestions and feedback where appropriate. Because we're not some large faceless corporation bound tightly by regulations but a tight knit community whose direction is 100% driven and run by its members, we have a great deal of flexibility. The bigger the community's membership, the more voices get heard. The more ideas we have for improvement, the more we can incorporate. Everybody wins.


Sounds good! So what can I do to help become bigger and better?

First, thank you for your interest in supporting! You can help us grow our membership in a number of ways. Whatever you can do is helpful and very much appreciated. We're confident that with your help in sharing our links and more word-of-mouth recommendations, we can grow in leaps and bounds. When we do, the  community members will reap  all of the above benefits and more.


Here's some suggestions. Feel free to do as many or as few as you wish:


  • Invite, invite, invite! Right under the header is an Invite tab. Log in to see it. You can import email addresses there or enter them manually.
  • Add a link to on your website or in your blogroll.  Anchor text suggestions are (in HTML):
    <a href="">Community for Authors and Writers</a> or simply:
    <a href=""></a>.
  • Writing an article about authors? Embed a link to in it using the word "authors" as anchor text.
  • Find an article you loved on, or a point you think deserves repeating? Share it by Tweeting the link, passing it on at LinkedIn, or add it to Facebook.
  • Are you a Digg, Reddit or Stumbleupon user? Add a link to an blog or forum post you found especially useful.
  • See an Event on our calendar that's in your local area? Let your friends and family that live nearby know about it.
  • Proclaim you're a proud member of in your email signature.
  • Prefer a graphic? Log in to create a customized badge you can add to your website or blog. See here:
  • Do you visit other writing related forums? Add a link in your forum signature to our homepage. (Please check their rules first on sig links to ensure you're allowed one!)


Those are some ideas to get you rolling. We're sure you can come up with more creative ways to help! Please do add suggestions here. Thanks for being a valuable member of and please comment below about what you've done. We'd like to be able to thank you.


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I do my best to invite along friends and people I meet I think would enjoy it to this great community and wish everybody else would! Thanks for sharing more great ideas there. I'll be implementing some more now.
And i think we should thank you for that, and i personally thank you for inviteing me to be your friend.
You're welcome, Clint. It would be nice too if you could entice a few friends along like the post says. :)

Clint R. Kimble Jr. said:
And i think we should thank you for that, and i personally thank you for inviteing me to be your friend.
I attempted to contact and could not get a message to go through =(
Justin, how did you attempt to contact them? If the PM didn't work for some strange reason (and that would be weird because I've used it many times myself), you could always use the Report an Issue contact form in the footer of all the pages. It has an Other option. 

Justin Bailey said:
I attempted to contact and could not get a message to go through =(
I really like the concept on but I can't ever reply directly to the people who write welcome comments to me. I have been on the Chat Room many times but can never chat. Is there a way you could fix it so that I could reply to people?  Barbara
I used the report an issue option as well as trying to send a message directly to someone.



I have just found your site and am very impressed. I also work for a company called 'Write & Share'. Write & Share is a FREE site for writers and poets who are looking to promote their work, improve their writing and get published. As a member you can:

  • Create a personal profile to showcase your work.
  • Post your work to gain advice and tips on writing.
  • Share your experiences and help new and
    upcoming talent.

I would love to write a blog about your company on our website to help promote what you do to all of our writers. Please email me at: for more details.

I'm fairly respected on Reddit to a degree, if someone writes an original help piece on writing then I can submit it there and get it exposed to... oh... 300 people?
I tweeted it!
Thank you so much Stacy and the rest of you, who have spread the word about!
You are quite welcome....  I love this site!

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