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Amazon just made the first 4 chapters of my book available to read.  I hope it gets more sales.  Has anybody done this already?  Did it work?

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My book isn't an eBook but it has a 'look inside' feature. I'm sure it does help some. I know I like taking a look at the first few pages of a book before I buy it.


If your referring to the look inside feature, yes I like it as potential customers can get a peek inside, and if they like what they see they then click and purchase your book then. 

All Kindle books have the free sample facility. I think it's a great idea. I download lots of samples and can eliminate the 'oh no!' books without wasting the money!
Yes I noticed Amazon offers the look inside feature as well now for your Kindle books also which is awesome! Yes I have began making some kindle and paperback sales through Amazon. So hang in there Matt, just takes time but eventually you'll see your sales pick up. I can't retire to the Bahama's any time soon on my royalty's LOL but I am seeing some sales finally. July and August especially. Waiting to see what September brings.
Wishing everyone a very Happy New years, and a very merry xmas!

Thanks, Garry. Same to you and everyone else here. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I have got some "samples" to my kindle. I think the look inside/sample is an automatic feature. Seems a reasobale idea for a book you might not be sure about.

I'm so sorry I don't get as much time to check in as I use to, have moved recently, Mother passed away, since I last visited, Alzheimers. That's a journey I hope I do not have to experiance again, hope my kids donot have to go through that with me. That's my biggest fear, as it runs in the family, as does heart troubles, high blood pressure. But everyday is a precious gift from above. I live one day at a time try not to think to much about tomorrow til it gets here. Anyway Haven't written any books since moms passing, to depressed, but doing better now looking forward to getting back to writing again. I turn sixty one this July 2013 me and my wife Sandra celebrated our twenty first anniversary, and the birth of a new grand son little Garry. How about that. A proud gran pa for sure.
Wishing you all the greatest success with your books, I recieved a five star review on My Devil Wolf Trilogy of Horror on Amazon that was a pleasant surprise, after having several not to pleasant reviews. But you can't please everyone as they say differant strokes for differant folks. I'm keeping my chin up though as I've sold alot of books through Amazon KDP select, I won't be retiring in the bahama's any time soon LOL but it's just fun to write fiction as any thing goes with fiction, your Imagination can run wild as you like. Best wishes everyone and best of luck to you all! Yours truly Garry E. Lewis

How do I go about getting my books into Kindle format?

There's different ways. Mostly it means nothing fancy in your manuscript. CreateSpace does most of that automatically.


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