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At 2:49am on June 19, 2011, Larry A Cochran gave Drue "Dee" Miller a gift
At 6:17pm on June 19, 2011, Theophenie Miller gave Drue "Dee" Miller a gift
Because you are the bestest:)
At 6:36pm on June 19, 2011, Theophenie Miller said…
Yep!  Let me call you in a sec, and I will work with you on setting that up:)
At 3:15am on June 25, 2011, scribbler said…
Nice to meet you Dee. :) Welcome aboard. I’ll look forward to getting to know you better.
At 11:49am on June 25, 2011, Drue "Dee" Miller said…

Hi, Scribbler:

Nice to meet you, too.  This site is the best forum that I have ever associated myself with.  I have been on quite a few ... Authorsden ... for an example ... but it is nothing like this one.  My congrats to whoever started this one!!!  I will, also, look forward to getting to know you better.

At 7:22pm on July 5, 2011, Kay Elizabeth said…
Dee, that's such a lovely compliment about! I'm sure all the regulars and the admin will be delighted to see that. The best way to give back is to invite others along, like you did with Theophenie, and interact with other members. It keeps things lively and it's nice to take a minute to comment on someone's blog or forum post. It really does help keep the true sense of community spirit, of us pulling together to help each other, alive. :) That's what I do anyway. :)
At 2:46am on July 7, 2011, Drue "Dee" Miller said…

Thank you, Kay Elizabeth:

That's such a nice thing that you said to me, too.  I have taken Matt's advice ... if he is "on board", too, and contacted I am so leary of publishers now that I am, almost, afraid to go to anyone.  I've be burned by and now PA.  Like the old saying: "burn me once ..,. shame on you ... burn me twice ... shame on me." Okay ... I've been burned twice.  I just don't know where to go or what to do next.  I'm not young anymore, I'm 66 but I love to write.  My 4th book is finished, "Road Show" a mystery/suspense, and I am well into the sequel to "Nightmares Come From Dreams" and "Rose of Thorns'.  My  daughter, Theophenie, the one who does my covers, calls it the "Dream Series". I will tell you why: the first book "Nightmares", was called "Dreams Are Made of  Nightmares" (published by iUniverse) but when I went with PA they made me change it to "Nightmares" and they did the cover (which I did not want them to do) but they did it anyway.  Also, the books all started as a real dream in real life.  I was pregnant with my oldest daughter (Denise) and had the first dream that started the whole thing.  I know how to write and anyone who has read my books say they are really good.  I have no problem writing,  I do not use outlines ... I just sit down at my computer and write.  I don't know how I do this.  I know there are a lot of people out there who do it the same way ... guess I am just lucky. The books in between the "Dreams Series" are mystery/suspense novels that are written the same way.  One is published ... "Here Kitty, Kitty" and the new one that is ready to go with cover from Theophenie is called "Road Show". That's the story of my life.




At 10:13am on August 10, 2011, Garry Edward Lewis said…

Createspace is a very great selfpublishing avenue, once you have your rights reverted back to you from PA, you'll be able to upload your books onto Amazon Kindle as well at no cost to you. Your able to set the price you'd like you can make up to 70% royalties. Or 35% percent depending on the cost you set for them. Your kindles will also be place on Amazon UK and Amazon Germany at no cost to you as well. Createspace will have your paperback listed on Amazon within a week after you upload your PDF file and Book Cover. You can find fantastic royalty free clip art for your cover on line at no cost or very little. Createspace offers differant size tinplates to use for your book as well 6by9 etc.. 

If you chose to purchase extended distribution it's only $39.00 per title this will make your book available for brick and mortar stores who choose to purchase it as well as other online stores as well. A sweet deal really. A lot less out of pocket expense for you the author. Hope this helps. But I'm pretty sure you have to get your rights reverted back to you, or Pa could come after you for breach of contract. Which my contract with them was for seven years. So I bought my book rights back and I'm now free and clear from PA. And they can no longer publish my books or sale them. Just the ones they had before I bought back my rights. But at their prices they won't make a dime off of them anyway! LOL

At 6:36pm on August 17, 2011, Ashlee Palmer said…
Have you looked into by-passing publishers in general? Just publishing the book yourself. You do not need a company to publish your novels, it is possible to do it yourself.....
At 4:34am on August 19, 2011, Garry Edward Lewis said…
She sure can use her covers, just copy and paste to their tin plate I used the 6 by 9 tin plate on my books.
At 12:23pm on September 23, 2011, Theophenie Miller said…

Ladies and Gentlemen who have been helping my mother over the last couple months,

There is no easy, light, or painless way for me to ever say these words... they still do not "feel" real to me.  

My mother, Dee Miller, left this world on September 18, 2011.  It was very sudden and my aunt, brother, sister, my mother's grandchildren, and myself are still in shock.  

As you might have noticed from some of her conversations on here, she was just really starting to figure out computers, and she had some confusion due to meds and medical issues, but she was a damn good author, and when the family is able to breathe without the pain so much, we WILL be selling the three books already out, AND I will make sure that Roadshow is published. She was very adamant that we get that book out for her.

Please keep our family in your prayers and positive thoughts.  We are a family spread over North America, and we are each missing her more than she could have ever known.


Theophenie Miller

Dee Miller's youngest daughter

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