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So all preparation is done, you have put all your heart into the Gate preparation, missed late night parties, movie night-outs, weekend trips----  put on hold these just for sake of the Gate exam. But is it all you need to do before the final moment as you are slowly approaching towards your exam.

No as you running off towards your exam your brain starts to forget what you have learned previously. Listing in a mock test series is a must before you take on this competitive exam as this step ensures your whole year preparation does not turn into the dust.

The gate exam tests the aspirants in every possible way. This exam is designed to test the analytical ability of the aspirants. Scoring less in this exam can take students into not so good colleges

So, why should you go for the mock test series before the Gate exam 2020?

Creating an environment like the real exam

All the nerves & jitters before the exam are only because of the one's unfamiliarity with the exam environment and setup. The mock test makes aspirants getting used to the exam atmosphere as you take mock test exam after & after you start to get more control and correlate to the actual exam environment and in the end, you would be a more capable & confident personality.

Help in jog your memories

A space out learning is facilitated by practicing mock test series. Learning is retained for a longer period when we space out the learning process. The mock test ensures proper revision and a spaced out learning to help students in coping better the pre-exam phobia. Also practicing mock tests is a more feasible approach comparing to studying.

Identify your weakness and strengths

Practicing mock test series before preparation and after the preparation helps in the identification of your weak and strength sections. This way you can balance out your studies both of your strengths and weaknesses. Gate coaching always based on more balanced learning where you to give equal time to what subject you like and what you do not.

Getting familiar to the online testing system

Seeing and practicing are two different things. You cannot adjust your mindset to the new change by seeing it all and imagining in your mind. Practicing is all-pervasive to be able to adjust to a change. You can get really fumble if you first time using Virtual Calculator. Online Mock tests can get you accustomed to the online Gate exam as well such online tools.

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