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If you are one of the Gate aspirants, the first thing you need to do is to go through the syllabus of Gate exam for your subject and understand it in detail.

It would be much easier if you know your weaknesses and strengths rather than knowing them in the middle of your studies. This will thrust your studies performance and indicate how much work you need to do to topple this exam.


Mainly the Gate exam is bifurcated into major 3 major sections---- the quantitative section, general aptitude section, and the technical aptitude section.

General Aptitude Section:

This section is same for all branches consist MCQ worth 15 marks--- 5 questions carry 1 mark each and 5 questions carrying 2 marks each 

  • Verbal Aptitude: This section consists of questions from English grammar, sentence completion, reasoning, verbal analogies
  • Numerical Aptitude: This section consists of numerical reasoning, estimation, DI and computation.


Engineering Mathematics

This section will consist of a total of 15 marks and this aptitude exam is not the same for all Gate fields some have the same or some not. For instance, engineering mathematics syllabus for Electrical Engineering & instrumental engineering is the same. Thy syllabus for these branches includes linear algebra, calculus, complex variables, transform theory and numerical methods

Accordingly, the syllabus for civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering is also the same. The syllabus topic covers algebra, calculus, differential equations, and complex variables. While some topics in the syllabus of CS & IT engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering are common.


Technical Aptitude

This section is the most important as it carries 70 percent of the total marks and covers branch specific technical questions. The syllabus for each branch in this section is different, for instance, the syllabus of mechanical engineering covers topics such as applied mechanics & design, fluid mechanics and thermal science and manufacturing & industrial engineering.

It is of utmost necessary for anything in life to know about all of it before embarking on the journey to unravel it. For Gate Coaching joining a gate coaching institute that has a good track record as well as offers exclusive tutoring.

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