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By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/Granny Gee


I was sitting at my computer one evening about six years ago.  I was home alone, Skip was driving long-distance.  I heard the happy sounds of Tommy, his wife and the children.  They knew to just unlatch the gate to come on in... just to be careful not to let the dogs out.  I trusted them, knew they'd be very careful.. so, I sat there.


I was waiting for them to come inside ... it became quiet.  I wrinkled up my face thinking 'why don't they come inside?'  I got up, walked to the open kitchen door... walked out onto the deck to see them standing there... no one was there!


I walked to the gate like I'd find them... very well seeing no one was there.  I felt a cold chill, I felt strange because .... 'I heard them'.  I really heard them laughing, talking like they always did.  I heard the gate, the noises it made!


I called Tommy, he answered his cellphone... I asked him 'why did they just come, leave so quickly?'  Tommy told me he wasn't even in North Carolina, that they weren't there a few minutes ago.  Tommy drove long-distance, too.


While I asked him that question... I 'knew' there was no way they could have walked down that sidewalk from the driveway above (we lived on a little mountain)... to the gate, then leave so quickly.  I was baffled, I was alarmed.


I felt uneasy.  I asked Tommy to be so careful driving because this was something strange... maybe it was a sign for him to be careful.  He promised he would.  Nothing strange happened after that... Tommy stayed safe.


Have you ever experienced such things?  I know many people have.  I have experienced many unusual things in my life.  I 'know' when they are happening... that 'it's something strange, unusual'.


I think back to after my mother died in September 2001.... I came home one day, walked into the house... turned to the open doorway to my right to go into our bedroom.  There was a mantle place over the fireplace in there.  My mother's ashes sat on top... the fireplace was sealed up, never used.


I stopped in disbelief... the whole room was engulfed in smoke!  I panicked, began running all around the room 'sniffing' the air.  Something told me it wasn't smoke, but.. I still kept smelling for smoke.  I couldn't smell anything burning.  I was on high alert!


I stood there, knowing this was strange... I felt it had to do with my mother.  I was looking out the bedroom door I'd just entered... and it was 'clear' in the adjoining room!  I 'knew' it was my mother... somehow, I didn't feel afraid anymore.  I did stand there though in pure amazement.  I did walk outside the door, turned around ... the 'smoke' was still there.  Soon after... it disappeared.


Several days later... it happened again.  I always came into the house from the back door.  That way I could control our pups with the gate to their fenced-in yard when I came in.  Our driveway was there, also.  I walked into the house... looked into our bedroom like I'd begun doing.... there it was, again!  Shortly afterwards, it went away.  I never saw it again.  Nothing major happened after seeing that.... I always wonder if it's a warning, premonition when things like that happen.


These are several things I think about often.  I wonder 'what did it mean?'  Nothing happened after I saw what I just spoke of here.  There have been many things to happen through time in my life when I saw, heard things.


I wonder, am curious to such happening to other people.  I'm curious to know what someone thinks about me hearing Tommy and his family just outside the open kitchen door, coming through the gate.  I even heard the clanking of the metal gate fastener as they closed it back onto the metal pole.  It was real... it was very real.


I still think about these things... they really happened, they can't be explained away. 


You might be interested to read my post in my primary blog called 'Signs Of Death'.  It's at ...


I wrote about things I 'know for a fact' happened.  I was the one who saw them... so, there's no doubt in my mind that what I saw happen... happened.  Truthfully... I would be alittle skeptic hearing 'someone else' tell me these things. 



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Comment by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/Granny G on October 2, 2012 at 4:31pm

Comment sent by email from Ms Nancy... I'm putting it here. 


I understand about you hearing your family's voices. Sometimes I don't hear  my grandmother but things happen here in her house and I know it is her.  Sometimes my lights will go off, sometimes I will feel a puff of wind go by me  or sometimes I just hear noises that I know ordinarily would not hear. I know  these things are done by my grandmother. Some people say they would not stay  here. I figure she didn't hurt me when she was living and I know she would not  hurt me now. I truly believe she would not want me to leave. I think she is  happy knowing I am in her house. So yes, I believe you hear and see things that  most people would not hear and see. Love, Ms. Nancy


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