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By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Remember the son I wrote about recently... who had a health crisis?  I worried for his mother, I cared so much.  He seems to be doing okay, he will be going for tests to see what is going on with him.


I was really shocked at something I heard yesterday.  A guy I've been paying close attention to for the past 2 years... told another lie!  Time after time, I've witnessed lies he tells to make himself look good.  He has a need to be loved, thought of as somebody special.


The lie he told ... is a bold lie.  The people who were there were stunned as they listened to him.  He was relating to them that when the son became ill... he helped him to begin breathing twice... when that son quit breathing.  They couldn't look at him after he said that... as they looked away, they looked at each other.  I was one of them... we just looked at each other... looked away.


We... now, know 'why' the mother of that son keeps saying, "If it hadn't been for Benson, my son would have died."  You know how everyone felt when learning 'why'.... when they heard the guy lie.  Gracious...


I've watched, listened to this one person for the past 2 years.  He tells 'stories', he weaves them well.  He sounds credible.  He's a very nice person, one when meeting you truly like... never knowing what's in store for you if you continue the friendship.  I've watched him 'stab people in the back', time after time. 


This last lie is one of the most... 'I can't believe it' ... lies.  I can't believe he would lie like that.  I feel maybe he is sick mentally... and just can't help it.  No matter how nice people are to him... he'll talk bad behind their backs.  I've watched it over and over.  It's a no-win situation.  He does still like you if he stabs you in the back, though! 

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