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Life is about choices and decisions, which constitues a learning experience...

The word " choice " is defined as an act or instance of choosing,the right of privilege , power or opportunity to choose an alternative.Selected per your decision..personal preference ,favored or favorite... what are the things that interest us?

Dictionary definition : The word comes from the French word “chois” or “ choisir” which means, to choose ...                 

With so many decisions having to be made on a daily basis, which in turn decides our lifestyle and becomes who and what we are I thought perhaps I could get some feedback from others so what is your take on this subject ?  There are many choices we must make in life, most of which will depend on how we were raised, where, and by whom. What type of educational learning and what level of education, these are all contributing factors that come into play when making choices in life. We make a choice as to where we live, based on our lifestyle.. asking questions such as do we enjoy outside activities ? Changes in season, snow , or tropical sandy beaches ?

There is living in the suburbs ( subdivisions?) ,country, city , apartment/condo..... So many choices it can be overwhelming... The decision as to what career we we marry ? Have children ? If so how many ? And at what part in our life..20's..before or after we have established our career ?

There are so many facets of life that we have to make choices..even down to what we eat, drink, health issues, do we smoke ? Of course that should be a no brainer..however..that's a personal choice... Even down to simple things like..when you go to the yogurt/ice cream store, again another choice, which can sometimes be 52 flavors with / without toppings? We have allowed society and the media to dictate to us in many ways over the we dress, what we drive, movies / TV ( what we watch/ read)... With all these choices, we have been given, how many of us have been influenced by others, even our families ? So we ask ourselves have I made my own choices in life ? Have I accomplished what I desired ? If I were to start afresh would I do it differently ? What changes of choice would I have made ?

We only live once as “who we are” when we complain about how our lives turned out , or the misdirections we took, by the choice we made..these are called consequences..... regardless of our choices, we each made the decision at the time to the best of our abilities, and some were great, and others, we 're still asking ourselves..." What was I thinking ?"

So when you are faced with a choice or have to make a decision weigh the pro's and con's carefully because this is your life and you only get one shot...Make it count. " Quirks" are all around us..they are unpredictable twists and turns, and they are part of Life...

I for one prefer to live with these quirks remind me of the ” choices “ I made...

How many give thought before making a decision ?

Do you weigh the consequences ?

I look forward to hearing feedback on your opinions of the challenges perhaps you faced on choices/decisions in life and what if any were the consequences .


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