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Some of us don’t like to admit we are getting older and fight it all the way…. I am one of those people…however I had an experience just the other day that opened my eyes, to the reality I had reached the “ golden years “…

Senility shouldn’t always be seen as a negative…why just the other day I started to walk to my bedroom for something and when I got there realized I had forgotten why… but did notice dust in the corner of the room, so I went to get the mop, and noticed that my husband had put all his dirty  clothes in the basket and it was full, so I filled the washer and started a load.

Walking back to the bedroom I passed through the bathroom and noticed the sink and mirror was splattered with shave cream and toothpaste so I wiped it down and put out fresh towels .I started back to the bedroom with the mop and my phone rang, it was my Aunt, we chatted for about an hour then she said she had to go to eat her lunch and take her medication so we said good-bye. I proceeded back to the bedroom, and upon reaching it realized I again had forgotten why ,  so I decided to head for the kitchen and make myself a cup of tea, while filling the kettle , I glanced out the window noticed there was no water in the birdbath, so I went outside to fill it and also put seed in the feeders , went back into the house and heard the kettle whistling …aahh… finally a well deserved cup of tea ,went to sit down and  to my amazement the chair was ice cold…it was then I realized why I originally was going to the bedroom…It was to put on some underwear….however….      there is an upside…..  I accomplished more things that morning than usual…

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