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Well, in the UK it's nearly 6 pm and the old brainpan is starting to give up the ghost.

Today has been an exciting day, as I've been taking part in Steve Norris' plan for ebook promotion. It's gone well. At one point I was #45 in Historical fiction in the UK and my US numbers are improving constantly.

Indie authors often receive a bad press, we are publishing in a new environment and often those who have conventional publishing contracts are unhappy with our invasion. (not all I hasten to add) But who would publish a book about two gay medieval warriors who just want to find the space to fall in love?

There aren't many publishers out there that would be interested and would I want to surrender control? No. They are my boys and I love them. Indie publishing give me control and I appreciate that privilege.

Doubtless both have their advantages and disadvantages, but I wouldn't change now because I truly believe in the democracy of indie publishing.

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