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My lovely husband said to me last night, "You know what the world needs, a new spin on Robin Hood. Like you've done with Lancelot, but maybe less sex."

He hates bankers and see this as a way of righting wrongs or maybe writing wrongs.

Now, the less sex I can't guarantee, it sort of writes itself, but he has a point. We need a new Robin Hood which the next generation can use as a role model. Let's face it can't be any worse than that mash up of Russell Crowe's.

Then today I watched a programme on the BBC about the first crusade and off my chirpy little mind wanders... I now have Robin Hood filling my head, not Lancelot, and we are off to fight the Sherriff of Nottingham. He's an embittered old war horse, rather than Errol Flynn!

This time, I will attempt to sit on the story for a while because I have quite enough to do with Lancelot but I can feel that familiar itch and if I don't start making notes, I'll lose a great opening scene.

There is almost no point in making complex notes which are too detailed, because then I know what happens in the end, find myself bored with the whole thing and don't finish writing. I'll grapple with the muse and try to win this time - focus, must maintain focus and discipline. Robin Hood can wait, honest...

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Comment by Steve Norris on January 19, 2012 at 9:10pm

Brilliant Sarah I can see you biting your nails as you fight the urge to type.

Funny how you get ideas for stories. People constantly ask, where do you get your ideas for stories from? I just say, open your eyes, switch on the TV, listen to the news. There are stories everywhere. Pick a person you meet in the street, normal everyday person, then imagine a secret hidden inside them. Something they are carrying around that they can't share with anyone, give them a dark side, a history, a dream...sorry just got another idea for a story. It's so easy everyone could be doing it...glad they're not though, market is overflowing as it is.

Comment by Catherine Green on January 23, 2012 at 12:30am

Exactly! The other day my non-writer friends were asking how I come up with ideas. I told them I look at people in the street, and those I interact with, and wonder how their lives would be if they were vampires or werewolves! I think it's fantastic, but my friends were a little uneasy... ; )

Comment by Sarah Luddington on January 23, 2012 at 9:59am

LOL! I agree with you both, even my martial arts students look a bit scared when I tell them I spend a great deal of time figuring out to efficiently kill people because most of my characters are borderline psychotics!

I will say I have managed to squash Robin Hood for the moment, fortunately for me, I really don't need any more characters or stories right now. It would be so easy to write, that's the problem, I know way too much about 12th Century England - I'm such a nerd!

Personally, I'm always surprised when people don't walk around making up stories all the time, how do they get through the day? What on earth do they think about? That's the weird thing... Not us....

Comment by Steve Norris on January 23, 2012 at 10:04am

Well into Lancelot at the moment, Sarah. Just got passed the escape through the forest. Top writing, I was totally gripped as witnessed by my wife who had to kick my out of bed to get the train this morning. Obviously haven't got to the Arthur bits yet so no need to skim too much. 

Comment by Sarah Luddington on January 23, 2012 at 10:43am

Glad you are enjoying the story - don't worry the big scene is well and truly flagged - you poor sensitive man you!


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