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- Turin Shroud- Anniversary of STURP: 

Honoring the Divine Field of Consciousness....

Prose & Artwork by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Copyright 2018, created with soul. x


This homage to Christ is being written to celebrate Shroud of Turin Research Project 40th Anniversary.  STURP have initiated inspiring, innovative scholarship in relation to Turin Shroud, the alleged burial cloth of Christ.  In October 1978 STURP- Shroud of Turin Research Project radiology team began an in depth analysis of the Shroud cloth, with the intent of undertaking a range of qualitative analysis on the properties & causation of the enigmatic image.  Subsequent radio-carbon dating of the linen published a decade later in 1988 proved highly controversial, yet ignited the interest of both scientists and lay commentators internationally. Study of the seminal shroud cloth has proven to be an exhaustive labour of love, driven by respect for its ethereally unique properties.

My own work focusses on the goodness of Christ consciousness, a primary source of humanitarian healing, of spiritual unity. x


*Please consult the original STURP library of sources for effective summary of diligent study on the Holy Shroud: -

See:Shroud 40th Anniversary- STURP Research.

STURP- Turin Shroud, properties & causation of the image.

Credits to the original 1978 Shroud Research Multi-disciplinary tea...

To this day, Turin Shroud is now the most scientifically deconstructed organic artifact in history!  The Holy Shroud is as complex as a Platonic solid, comprising many unique facets- the 3D holographic image of Jesus on the shroud is imbued with eternally perplexing hallmarks, the signature of perhaps intelligent design? If not, Turin Shroud represents a human tapestry, exposing the mind of a complex intelligent artist as yet not revealed to us. 

 Turin Shroud may be equated with the unified crystal 'divine conscious field' of Christ's sentient being. If humans are perceived as an integral facet to divine intelligence, to study the Shroud cloth is via definition a solipsistic exercise.  Hence, few studies of the Shroud have been conducted without vested interests or emotive intent. STURP however, have set a gold standard in this challenging domain of science.

This work on Christ is dedicated to fellowship between the spheres of spirituality & quantum science. 

*Hope friends at enjoyed Halloween and Fireworks night.  The images in this collection resonate

with the French Victorian stereo- card 'Diableries'- London Stereoscopic Company.   Diableries form a devilish 3D photographic medium curiously synonymous with the enigma of Turin Shroud. French Diableries like the Shroud of Turin address positive versus negative forces in combat.  'Christ', the Messiah has overcome karma, negating the demons of the shadow self...

Now, this observation of mine is a concept based purely upon the similarities in visual style between the Shroud & Diableries.  The original test plans of STURP are well worth consultation in regard to the innovative scientific methods utilised during research.  Stereo-imaging of the Shroud was within the scope of their methodology...

STURP Team Original Research Plans. (Via electromagnetic radiation).


Image, (from coral reef):  Karma.  Delivery of soul contract. 

Christ- a seminal transformative spiritual leader, with an eternal destiny. x



*For news, research & scholarship on the Shroud of Turin- see:

Barrie M. Schwortz, Editor

Shroud of Turin Education & Research Association (STERA).

Key Concepts: 

Christ consciousness, Turin Shroud, divine conscious field of sentience,

Transformative Spiritual Leadership...




Developing on the strength of my previous posts in 2018, this post explores further Christ Consciousness, as a preview Stephanie Lynne Thorburn's "Transformative Spiritual Leadership" series for Kindle.

See : -

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn, Labour of Love Kindle books.


The below excerpt from my Transformative Spiritual Leadership Companion text initiates a cross-cultural odyssey, comprising both familiar and less common place observations on the essence of 'Kutastha Chaitanya'- the divine field of Christ Consciousness. 

I utilise a 'Gaia Gnostic' eye within my artwork- this approach serves to eclipse the  separation between Pagan and Christian traditions.  Pagan deities represented a people's army of natural elemental saviors, protecting humanity from forces of karma & chaos (entropy) innate within creation.  Christianity effectively silenced human worship of the divine spark expressed in our natural world, favouring instead the promise of the personal Messiah. 

The Transformative Spiritual Leadership series presents a visual synergy, allying the feral forces of nature with 'the divine spark'.  Turin Shroud offers a perfect example of 'Gaia's burial cloth of Christ'.  The natural phenomenon of St. Elmo's fire is associated with the enigma of the Shroud in all my work- in an organic, metaphorical sense.  Christ may be manifest in the heart of humanity as a personal Messiah, yet we need to be resourceful in effecting our own salvation.  Christ's divine spark was extinguished prematurely.  I would question whether his mission has been fully realised on Earth....

The Christ crystal- the consciousness of Gaia..

Thor & Christ Consciousness are unified perhaps for the first time in all my portraits of divine transcendent spirit.  The below vignette homage to Christ conveys evocative precepts related to the language, symbology and Patrons intimately connected with Christ conscious healing.

  My bio-resonant art is suffused with the universal archetypes conducted through the Godhead. Jung's essential archetypes may well be creative emanations, channeled from the divine collective, consciousness 'mind' of Mother Earth! Meditating on the holographic, sepia Shroud image of Christ's resurrection offers sanctum to all those suffering from the challenges of the 'human condition'.



'Kutastha Chaitanya'

Summary of key themes from Stephanie Lynne Thorburn's forthcoming text in homage to 'Transformative Spiritual Leadership'. 

This work resonates with the vibrant Reiki healing of Christ Consciousness...

Christ or Thor?  The Turin Shroud is united with St. Elmo's flame...

In a metaphorical sense.

Christ Spiritual Master/ Teacher of ‘Distinction’.

Christ consciousness may be summoned mindfully through symbology.  As a Reiki healer, I encountered energetic blocks when envisioning Christ through the crucifix.  The crucifix is equated exclusively with suffering in my mind's eye  Yet, Christ represents human emancipation.

Sol Karina is a Reiki Master who, like swami Paramhansa Yogananda, perceives Christ through the Kutastha Chaitanya field of divine intelligence.  Sol Karina places Flower of Life to the fore, as a masterful semiotic representing the power of positive.  The spiritual resonance of Christ consciousness is not exclusive to Judeo- Christian traditions.  His healing reciprocity unites with cross-cultural spiritual healing.  Christ is as organic as a Pagan deity and as disciplined as a Yogi master... Crucially, it is the living Christ that I take as my icon of soul.  Compassion, appreciation of the living world and spiritual hunger are seminal virtues of the 'Christ field of consciousness'.  Like the blues, Christ is synonymous with healing.  He possesses his own harmonic resonance, his own pervasive spiritual language of verisimilitude.

Sol Karina’s Reiki healing themed on the spiritual energy of Jesus liberates Christ consciousness, serving to manifest Christ’s healing as a universal truth.  Through attuning focus onto the symbology of the Lotus Flower of life, the pain of the crucifixion is lost to the immense promise of life itself.

 Christ consciousness acts as a life-sustaining force expressing far more than the ‘LOGOS’, or divine male,  organisational principle underlying creation, (the animus).  Christ healing draws from the divine spark within Gaia, balancing masculine with feminine energies. 

Christ may be perceived as an earth teacher; his unbounded consciousness is expressed through the incandescent son within the ‘Holy Trinity’ of the New Testament. Accessing Jesus' spiritual presence through energy healing is pervasive. Christ’s spiritual gnosis is distinct. 

  • The language of Christ consciousness may best be symbolised by the ecology of the human soul.

Intext citation:

The Christian Trinity- the multi-personal facets of God.

See: Inspiring Philosophy.  Exploration of the Old Testament-

The Holy Trinity- Incarnate spirit of Christ.

Image: St Elmo's Fire. Christ & Thor unite.


Defining the Mission of Christ Healing: -

Jesus- An Archetype of Soul?


Christ Healing concepts: 

Spiritual health, spiritual hunger, compassion, sanctum, sacrifice.

  • Attainment of the lexis (language) of soul: emancipation of spirit.


Patrons of Christ Healing: 

I would personally like to recommend the dedication of: -

Paramhansa Yogananda- Self-Realisation Fellowship

Angelic Light Academy- Reiki healing, Catherine Craig.

(I studied Christ healing with this excellent academy.)


Bishop Don Hauck- (President The Universal Light Church   Non-denominational.


  • Walking with Christ consciousness may be likened to walking with the archetypes and angels of the sacred flame forming the corpus of our spirit...

Flame of Aphrodite- unconditional love.


Eternal Presence.

  • Through enlightened understanding of Jesus, we may realise ‘Great Spiritual Health’.

The Lotus flower rises above the mud; similarly, to engage with Christ is understand the allegory of Christ’s life as representing triumph over adversity.  The philosopher Nietzsche observed the ‘tragic disposition’ inherent to the paradox of life - the notion of ‘great spiritual health’ involves engaging with the joy, laughter, pain & challenges of living. To achieve ‘Great health’, we need to conquer primal fears deep in our hearts.

Christ Healing explores a candid lexis of heart- centred visceral emotions, in a personal odyssey primed toward self-realisation.


Nietzsche & Dionysus – The duality of pain & Affirmation of Life


Spiritual Health and the Task of the Higher Man:  Nietzsche

Discussion by:  Paul F. Glenn,

First Published March 1, 2001 Research Article – Sage Publications.

Vol 27, Issue 2, 2001






 Image:  Real life fractal image of Lotus Flower of life

Shiva or Aphrodite? x



Educational Resources –


Christ Consciousness & Healing.


Christ incarnated as Lord Sananda- Teacher of Earth.


See: Star Essence- Lord Sananda.



Christ- Church_of_the_Holy_Sepulchre.


Holy site of the resurrection of Christ in Jerusalem.





Yogananda’s Self-Realisation Fellowship-

Founded on the teachings of Christ & Yoga of Krishna-

Angelic Light Reiki Academy:

I studied for my Christ Consciousness & Healing Reiki with

Angelic Light. x


Recommended Texts:


“The Yoga of Jesus- Understanding the Hidden Message of the Gospels”

Paramhansa Yogananda.  Self- Realisation Fellowship, USA 2007 Edition.


Text exploring aspects of the ‘unknown Christ’ beyond the traditional gospels.

Yogananda draws from Buddhism, Hinduism and Gnostic works.


Yoga of Christ- Yogananda.



‘The Jesus Mysteries- Was the Original Jesus a Pagan God?’  Thorsons Press, 1999.

Co-authored by: Timothy Freke, Peter Gandy.

Christ - Pagan Origins.  


The Holy Bible- Oxford King James Authorised Edition.


The Bible, Oxford Classics, 2008 Edition.






Christ healing is grounded in the consciousness of Gaia-

Our living planet.

All Stephanie Lynne's posts are in support of her labour of love books,

Stephanie's work on Transformative Spiritual Leadership is integral to the ethos of

Humanitarian Healing Webs &

Gaia Earth webs. x

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn, 1st November 2018.

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