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Advent 2020:

Roman Goddess- 'Libertas'.

'Supporting Musical Oratory & #ConsciousCreativity'.


*Prose & Energy art:  

By Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. x

*Art & writing: Copyright-  'Labour of love works' 2020. x  (Culture Webs.)



— Cultural Renaissance: 


This blog post is written in support of the spirit of Advent 2020. Following a year of crisis for humanity, a Renaissance of cultural growth & spiritual Leadership and is needed at the dawning of 2021. 

This post supports few words, rather simply four poignant themes that unify my Peace, hope and harmony Humanitarian Healing project of 2020, titled: ‘Psalm for Anno Domini’. The four traditional themes in the Christian canon relate to each Sunday in December & celebrate hope love and the candle of illusive joy… These themes transcend culture, creed and time itself.

My advent blog is dedicated not only to the well-being of human kind, but also to  my own profession, the arts. During 2020 The Arts Council England launched a cultural recovery programme. This year we have endured two successive 'lockdowns' in the UK and are just completing our second-wave Covid-19 lockdown currently. Next year, ‘Brexit’ is looming. The impact of leaving the European Union could indeed continue to blight our economy and culture. Live performing arts in the United Kingdom and internationally need a true boost, to support musicians, artists, writers, dance and performance arts. Artists young & old are equally affected by economic austerity. My #ConsciousCreativity initiative seeks to bring to the fore the plight of fellow health disabled authors & artists.


I have placed a link to Arts Council England at the base of this post. 

Blessings to the community of Live Journal this December season.

Featured Images:

Traditional culture- Cover to Christ from: ‘Lapis Lazuli- Resurrecting Christ’s Gospel,’

& Popular Culture: Cover to- ‘Rock Orators- Immortal Generation’- Iconography of Iggy Pop- a ‘Lust for Life’…. (See base of blog).

Illustrations by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.


- See vernacular web definition of the meaning of the four themes of advent:

“The four traditional advent themes for the four advent Sundays are:

  • God's people -The Candle of Hope.  Hope is like a light shining in a dark place. ... 
  • The old testament prophets — igniting  The Candle of Peace. ... 
  • John the Baptist -  bring forth The Candle of Love. ... 
  • Mary the mother of Jesus nurtures- The Candle of Joy.”


Supporting #ConsciousCreativity.

Arts Council England: Cultural Recovery Programme.

Author & Artist Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn: Research Papers

Projects include: 'Psalm for Anno Domini’. #Peace Hope & Humanitarian Healing Project for 2020 & beyond...

Stephanie Lynne: Amazon Kindle Titles.

New title Dec 2020:

Humanity: The Renaissance Mind, Selfish Soul’. #Fibonacci Series.

(Preface contributor: Artist- Gaynor Dore).


*In the new year Stephanie Lynne will be updating Rock Orators- Immortal Generation’, 20th Century Legends Series. #ConsciousCreativity. 

This title is written as a homage to her twenty- year career in creative media. Live music reviews and vignette features serve to celebrate equally the icons of rock ‘n roll and blues and the proletarian talent. Artists honored include Eric Clapton, BB King, Gary Moore, Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings, The Sales Brothers & Tin Machine. Next year, the work will be updated with a Preface featuring Peace, hope & harmony project artwork, photography and prose from diverse music industry contributors. 

See: Rock Orators- Immortal Generation. Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.


 A compendium of prime features on rock 'n roll's finest orators:


"Notions of power, candor & liberty are expressed within the musical currency of potent rock oratory. This new classic rock biography explores the essential craft, charisma and intimate narratives imbued in the recording history of some of rock’s finest ‘Rock Orators’.

The text offers a biographical homage eclipsing rock deity with an iconoclastic 'contraband' infusion of proletarian talent. This work is presents a living testimonial and epitaph to an 'immortal generation' of artists, who will live in the hearts & minds of the public forever." x  



Above- Spirit of David Bowie- 'Changes'- Earthling, native Shaman or Vitruvian man? 

Below:  ~Fibonacci Series, 'Kriya- Tree of Life'.  S.L Thorburn. x

Namaste:  Stephanie Lynne, December 2020. #Culture Webs.

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