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Today, you can’t walk down a street in any small town or major city in the United States without observing a person with a mobile device, whether it’s a Smart phone pressed against the ear, tapping with strong thumb action on an IPAD or reading on the Barnes & Nobles Nook Book or the Amazon. Com Kindle.
      We need a new marketing idea to take advantage of this technology market. Authors let’s get out of the box and uncover this new audience for our books. Let’s capture our share of the mobile e-commerce business!
      My solution that is working for me: Mobile Website!
      My website provider ( created a mobile website that is a version of my online website. This is not a plug for my website provider; it’s just the company that gave me this beneficial service.
Just think of the numbers and the people that can be reached on their mobile devices! Today, consumers don’t have to sit down at a computer or crack open a laptop to get information about your books.
      You can reach this mobile audience with a mobile website. This will drive visitors, not only to your website, but to your Facebook, twitter and and other social media outlets.
We need innovative and fresh ideas to get the message out about our books and a mobile website is another means to gain readership for our books. There are millions and billions of cell phone and mobile device users on planet earth.
      Let’s make our website, our 24-hour marketing tool, available to as many people as possible. Just another idea for marketing our books.
      Check out my mobile website on your mobile device, that you can download.
My website:

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