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It occurred to me that every writer has a routine, or certain habits when working on their masterpiece. My routine is usually working from about eight or nine o'clock in the evening, very often staying up past midnight while the family are fast asleep in bed. Luckily I don't have to get up early in the morning, because I can lazily breastfeed my baby in bed and she enjoys her cuddles.

Alongside my routine, I need snacks. These vary according to my mood. For example at the moment I am most definitely in the mood for chocolate. Lots and lots of yummy milk chocolate. The sweet treats of choice at the moment are Cadburys Dairy Milk and Wispa bars. Last week it was Ben and Jerry's ice cream, my favourite flavours being Phish Food and Chocolate Brownie.

But my beverage never changes. I used to drink nothing but tea. Proper 'English' tea, none of these fancy fruit ones or strange flavours. But for some bizarre reason when I fell pregnant, one day I made a cup of tea and couldn't drink it. I was devastated! I switched to coffee (decaffeinated of course), and now that is all I drink, apart from a few token glasses of water in an attempt to stay healthy.

I wonder what food and drink fuels other writers of the world...?

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