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This is just to say hello and I'm more or less still alive, but partly from ill health, partly from particularly intense stress and partly because I'm still waiting for a piece of news, I've been incommunicado.  Has anyone else with long-term health problems had kind friends asking if you're now able to spend all that free time writing, when actually getting a cup of tea is a bit of a struggle?  I do have previously completed work in the bank, as it were, and a work in progress whose entire plot I forgot when I first fell ill, but I think over time I've not remembered what I was going to write but recreated another version for when I'm able to tackle the physical as well as mental challenge of trying to take it farther along.  Despite being able to type at 93 words a minute (probably more, as that was a test and therefore a time when you can expect to underperform) I can only really create with a pen in my hand.  Does anyone else find that?  I need that connection from brain to hand to actual paper.  As one of my favourite ways of making myself concentrate is to get in the car with pen and paper and a flask of tea and go somewhere with a nice view and nowhere to escape, any other technology wouldn't be too practical anyway.  We all have our triggers, but the intimacy of the pen cannot be replaced for me.  I'd be interested on other people's feelings there.  Take care chums and fellow workers.

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