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Tuesday’s Child, is my Romantic Historical Fact Fiction novel, Heroines born on Different Days of the Week, Book Three


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“Prejudice and pride demand Reverend Dominic Markham marry a suitable lady, but he is spellbound by Harriet, an unsuitable widow.”

5* Review  by By Robbi Perna, Ph.D. - Author and Lecturer


Tuesday’s Child is Full of Grace


And, for Harriet Stanton, she is grace under pressure. Left widowed during the Napoleon War, which also killed her father, the destitute heroine turns to Georgianne Tarrant for help. Georgianne introduces her to her late husband’s father, the obnoxious Earl of Pennington, who accepts this “mere baronet’s daughter” into his home. His action is far from altruistic for Harriet brings him a precious gift—her son, Arthur. The child gives the old Earl the heir he desires to replaces the detested distant kinsman who currently fills that role. Morris’s knack of creating realistic characters, both likeable and not so much, is again in the forefront of the story. Her heroine is not a member of the haute ton and the hero who is, has a surprising occupation. This third book in the Heroines Born on Different Days of the Week series is the latest in an engaging set of tales that provides readers with an intriguing glimpse into the lives of people with whom they can identify. Even the time-honoured plot of the lost heir has a surprising twist. I highly recommend the book for those of us who need to escape our 21st century lives and catch another peek of a fascinating period of history.





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